Progress Continues…

On Friday morning, the plan is to reduce traffic to one lane on Highway 965, from the Golfview Drive intersection to just north of the Quail Creek Plaza driveway.  The contractors will be pouring a concrete apron on the east side of the roadway and will need extra room to complete the work.  While traffic is down to one lane, there will be flaggers present.   Additionally, the new light at Golfview will be flashing red, and the Quail Creek Center driveway will be closed.  Having this driveway closed will allow the flaggers to better control traffic in the area. We anticipate the traffic to be back to two lanes and the driveway open around noon or shortly after.

The temperatures are not working in our favor for the paint stripping to be completed next week.  While it is a little early to tell, the seven-day forecast is only showing highs in the mid-40s to low 50s.  In order to apply the permanent paint, we need the temps to be consistently in the 50s.  

Horsfield Construction is the contractor for the Jones Boulevard Project.  They plan to mobilize the second week in April.  They will start with piping work and then proceed to the street.  As of now, it appears that Jones Boulevard will be open in its entirety for another few weeks.

More to come as the construction season moves forward.  Stay tuned.