Tree & Storm Water Minutes July 6, 2011

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board
Minutes of July 6, 2011 meeting

Meeting called to order: 7:03
Present: Virginia Combs, Nick Gefaller, Guy Goldsmith, Thomas Stoeffler, Kevin Coates
Absent: Benjamin Voss

New Business:
1. Review and approve minutes: April meeting minutes reviewed and approved.
2. Open to public for comments and concerns. No comments or concerns brought
3. Tree & Storm Water Board member appointment and terms: New member Kevin
Coates takes the place of Todd Coleman and continuing members Nick Gefaller and
Thomas Stoeffler were appointed to new terms.
4. Tree Board Ordinance: board members were provided with copies of the city ordinance
sections pertaining to the board.
5. Storm Water Issues: Discussion and update on the Penn Meadows Park Parking lot
and Rain Garden project. The project is completed and in use. The pervious concrete
is excellent and has already been tested. Rain gardens need to be modifed a bit to
ensure there will not be too much standing water.
6. New board meeting location starting next time. Location will be at #1 Quail Creek
Circle which is currently being remodeled to serve as a new council chambers.
7. Issues not on the agenda: Clogging of pervous concrete at Cornerstone Park due to
construction that is occurring. The contractor is aware of the issue and Guy will have
continuing conversations with them to ensure as little damage is done as possible.
The city has not obtained rubber plow fins for plowing the pervious concrete, but the
new Penn Meadows parking lot will not be plowed in the winters. Excess snow will
also not be piled on this parking lot by snow plows in order to keep sand and salt out of
the concrete. The tree stump by the gazebo may be turned into table tops since it has
to be removed for the new pedestrian trail that is being installed.

Old Business:
1. True Value trees have been replaced. Trees have been planted at Quail Ridge Park
North. Board member Benjamin Voss was able to help with the tree planting.
Next meeting: October 5, 2011 7:00 pm at New City Council Chambers.
Meeting adjourned: 7:15