North Liberty Spring Happenings

North Liberty Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup Day for North Liberty Residents
Saturday, April 28, 2012
7:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Spring Cleanup Day is for residents of North Liberty only. Please be prepared to verify that you are a North Liberty resident with a water bill stub or driver’s license. North Liberty residents pay $.30 each month on their recycling bill for this service.

Miscellaneous large items are to be brought to the Public Works Facility, 620 Calvin Street. (Go south on Front Street to Golf View Drive. Turn right and go to Calvin Street. Turn right to Public Works facility.)

The following items will be accepted:

Furniture and other bulky items.
White goods (appliances)**
Brush and tree limbs
Tires and batteries (car & truck)
Metal and car parts

Dumpsters will be delivered on Saturday morning and each type of refuse will have a designated location.

Assistance will be provided to the elderly or handicapped. Please call City Hall (626-5700) by April 26 to make arrangements.

Regular household trash, paint and toxic materials will not be accepted. A permanent drop-off site for paint and other hazardous materials has been created at the Iowa City landfill. Items may be dropped off by appointment each day.

Think Spring!

With Spring thaw right around the corner, City Staff encourages residents to be prepared for Spring yard work. Property owners who have a backyard, fenced or not fenced, that has a street along it are responsible for care of the right of way between the fence and the street. This includes snow removal from sidewalks and mowing. The city does have a weed ordinance that limits the height of grass on all properties in the City. If you see areas of concern, please contact City Hall for assistance.

Spring also means pets and children finally getting back outside. The City encourages you to be cautious of children in neighborhoods.

For pet owners, there is a leash law that requires all animals be controlled on a leash at all times! Be a responsible pet owner. Keep them leashed and clean up their messes.

Storm Water Grants Available

Residents are eligible to apply for grant funds from the City for storm water projects in their own backyards. Sample projects include rain barrels, rain gardens, pervious pavement, and other storm water improvement projects. The grant will fund 50% of the project up to $750.00. Use the following link for additional information:

Wild Animal Calls

As of January 2011, the City of North Liberty is no longer responding to wild animal calls on private property (example: raccoon under my residence or on my roof). The owner or lessee of said property will be referred to a private pest control company, (example: Critter Control at 1-800-683-2560). The City of North Liberty will respond if a wild animal is a hazard to the public (example: resident received a bite from a wild animal and needs assistance in capturing for testing.)

Volunteers Needed to Help Plan for North Liberty’s Centennial Celebration

The City of North Liberty was founded on November, 10, 1913. 2013 will mark the City’s Centennial. The City is seeking volunteers to serve on a planning committee to help celebrate this monumental event. The planning committee will meet monthly throughout the rest of 2012. The committee will be responsible for planning all aspects of 2013 including events, memorabilia, and other related matters.

If you are interested in North Liberty past, present, and future or event planning, please contact Tracey Mulcahey at 319/626-5700 or by March 15, 2012. The first committee meeting will be held at the end of March. If you don’t want to volunteer but have ideas for our celebration, please contact Tracey as well.

North Liberty Sustainability Committees Seek Volunteers

Hometown Rewards® North Liberty is seeking volunteers to help with event planning and activities. The Committee will meet once per month to plan events relating to energy saving, waste reduction, and other sustainability issues for the next year. Volunteers can expect a one hour meeting per month, plus time at events. Come be a part of keeping North Liberty a cool place to live!

Board Vacancies—Volunteers Needed

North Liberty needs you! You can make a difference in many aspects of community development. Vacancies occur occasionally on Boards and Commissions. You are invited to take this opportunity to volunteer your time to serve on any one of the following. Applications are available at the City Administration building at 3 Quail Creek Circle or on the city’s website, and must be turned in by March 1, 2012. The City Council will make appointments at their March 27, 2012 meeting for terms that will begin immediately.

Library Board of Trustees (One City position)

The Library Board of Trustees oversees and sets policies for the operation of the North Liberty Community Library. The Board meets once each month.

Telecommunications Commission (One position)

The Telecommunications Commission oversees the development and enforcement of the telecommunications ordinance and acts as a liaison between the cable provider and local subscribers. They also set policy for the local access television channel. The Commission meets quarterly.

For information about the positions, please contact Tracey Mulcahey at 319/626-5700.

Appliance Recycling Blitz

North Liberty is partnering with both electrical utility companies, Alliant Energy and Linn County REC, to facilitate curbside recycling of refrigerators, freezers and room air conditioners. The Blitz is planned for March 7-9, 2012. Customers with qualifying appliances will receive up to a $50 rebate depending on which company provides electricity. Alliant customers call 1-866-ALLIANT. Linn County REC customers call 319-377-1587.