Tree & Storm Water Minutes January 4, 2012

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board
Minutes of January 4, 2012 meeting

Meeting called to order: 7:00
Present: Virginia Combs, Nick Gefaller, Guy Goldsmith, Kevin Coates
Absent: Thomas Stoeffler, Benjamin Voss

New Business:
1. Review and approve minutes: October meeting minutes reviewed and approved.
2. Open to public for comments and concerns. No comments or concerns brought forward.
3. Trees Please Grant: Grant awarded to the city, funds will be used for planting a second round of trees at Quail Ridge North.
4. Tree City USA: helps the city to get grants, to qualify the city must spend $2 per person on trees each year and North Liberty exceeds this by about a third. If approved, there will be a ceremony in Des Moines.
5. Larry Trout’s report: Larry is retiring as of Friday after 41 years in the field. His replacement will be Bill Minor.
• Larry distributed handout on grants from the city for rain barrels and gardens. Up to $7500 is available each year and this year the city awarded $1171.50. The barrels can be bought anywhere and after the application is submitted to the city, a citizen can receive the cost of the barrel as well as costs for associated hardware.
• The city posted a guidebook on maintaining storm water systems on their website.
• Larry commented on how proactive North Liberty is with storm water issues, from city departments to citizens. The city’s retention basins are healthy, well designed, and have good depths.
• The recent DNR visit was a success, they think North Liberty has a great system. We passed MS4 inspection just 2 weeks ago.
6. Creek Clean up does not have a date yet, though it will probably be the first week of April.
7. The city council will be reviewing the most current ordinance and it will be discussed at a future Tree and Storm Water Board meeting

Old Business:
Next meeting: April 4, 2012 7:00 pm at New City Council Chambers.
Meeting adjourned: 7:23