Board of Adjustment Minutes for July 2012 meeting

April 18, 2012, 6:30 PM

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Smith at 6:30 p.m. Board of Adjustment Members Present: Chipman, Smith, Grell, White; absent: Sayre.
Others present: Dean Wheatley, Ericka Harper, Ken Madole.

Public Comment. None.
1. Conditional Use: Request of Premier Portable Building to approve plans for outside display and storage of small outbuildings at Liberty Motors, located at the northwest corner of Westwood Drive and Highway 965.
(Legal: Lot 4, Country Living Subdivision Part III)
Staff review and Planning Commission Recommendations:
Wheatley presented the application for display of small outbuildings that will be sold at the site. City Staff and the Planning Commission recommended approval to the Board of Adjustment with the conditions contained in the staff memo.
Applicants Presentation.
Ken Madole explained to the board the purpose of the request, and asked that the Board consider modifying the conditions related to number of buildings and placement on concrete. He asked that instead of being limited to 3 buildings of not more than 200 each the condition read not more than 600 square feet of buildings total (may be more than 3 buildings if they are smaller), and asked that the buildings be allowed to be placed on the grass part of the lot.
Public Hearing.
The Public Hearing was opened, there were no comments from the public, and the hearing was closed.
Board Action.
The Board discussed the site and Mr. Madole’s requests. Wayne Grell moved to approve the conditional use subject to the following conditions:
1. That the display is limited to no more than 600 square feet of buildings on display at any one time, with no single building over 200 square feet in size.
2. That all storage buildings are located out of the required yard setbacks and located specifically at those positions shown on the site plan.
3. That no banners or other temporary signage is allowed to advertise the buildings. Signage sizing shall be restricted by the requirements of the commercial site and may include painted board or other display attached to the side of one structure (not painted) if adequate size is available at the site.
4. That the display is subject to ongoing review by City staff, and that if any buildings or the overall site fall into disrepair the conditional use permit may be withdrawn or discontinued by the Board.
After discussion, the vote was: ayes—Chipman, Grell, Smith, White; nays—none; absent—Sayre. Motion carried.

Chipman moved, seconded by Grell, to approve the minutes of March 2012. The vote was: ayes—Grell, Smith, Chipman, White; nays—none; absent— Sayre. Motion carried.

Old Business.
Staff reported that the conditional uses approved at the meeting in March appeared to be going well with follow-ups.

New Business.

The Chair declared the meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.