Tree and Storm Water Advisory Board minutes for April 3, 2013

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board
Minutes of Wednesday April 3, 2013 meeting

Meeting called to order: 7:00 PM
Present: Virginia Combs, Sean Pearl, Thomas Stoeffler, Benjamin Voss, Gary McDowell, Bill Minor, Guy Goldsmith.
Absent: None

New Business:
1. Review and approve minutes: February minutes approved unanimously.
2. Open to public for comments and concerns: No comments or concerns brought forward – No members of the public in attendance.
3. Introduce new member: Gary McDowell
• Gary McDowell – 7 year resident of North Liberty, works for MidAmerican Energy as a district forester.
4. Board Appointments:
• Virginia Combs stepping down from the board
• Chair Person: Thomas Stoeffler
• Vice Chair Person: Sean Pearl
• Secretary: Ben Voss
5. New Centennial Park Tree Planting Ceremony.
• 100 trees for city centennial – $10,000 Grant from Alliant Energy used to fund trees
• Trees forever will demonstrate tree planting methods and tree care
• Encouraged board attendance and assistance with the educational aspect of the ceremony
• Public is welcome and Newspaper and other media presence is encouraged.
• The parks department will do the remainder of the 100 trees.
6. Bike Trail & Muddy Creek:
• Clean up date set for April 13th with meeting at the rec center 9:00AM
• Boy Scouts, City Staff will be present and the public is welcome
• Trash pick-up and tree limb removal
• Start at Penn street and continue to Forevergreen Rd.
7. Storm Water Issues:
• Still no report back from EPA audit conducted in November – could take up to 7 months.
• New EPA general permit requirement: 4 inches minimum top soil put back after construction on any platted land.
• Any construction or lot part of a project 1 acre or larger is subject to this requirement.
• Rain Barrel and Compost bins available at greatly reduced cost through home town rewards program.
• City will cover up to half of cost for BMP projects.
8. Discussion on issues or concerns not on agenda:
• Earth day event discussed but decided many other events in coming weeks geared towards environment/cleanup.
• Garlic Mustard status – still some at Cornerstone Park but quite a bit has been removed.
• Drought tree status discussed but very little loss due to carefully targeted watering during dry months.
• Tree planting in street right of way is no longer permitted
• Any EAV mitigation plans in place – due to young nature of trees Guy plans to treat Ash trees as needed.
• Gary McDowell discussed his experience from recent conference that there are some new varieties of Ash that are resistant.
• Diversification of tree species necessary as there are threats to any variety of tree.

Old Business:
1. No old business.

Next meeting: July 3rd 7:00 pm at City Council Chambers, (#1 Quail Creek Circle)

Meeting adjourned: 7:33 PM