Tree and Storm Water minutes for August 7, 2013

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board

Minutes of Wednesday August 7, 2013 meeting

Meeting called to order: 7:00

Present: Guy Goldsmith, Sean Pearl, Gary McDowell, Darice Baxter

Absent: Thomas Stoeffler, Malinda Allen, Bill Minor.

New Business:

  1. Review and approve minutes: Minutes approved, Also further discussion which included board members and Tom Palmer speaking on the policy of the city as it pertains to construction and it’s  4” top soil replacement to sites at the end of the construction process.
  2. Open to public for comments and concerns:  No comments or concerns brought forward.
  3. Introduce new members: Darice Baxter, Malinda Allen.(Malinda not in attendance)

• Darice Baxter-Geologist, Environmental Scientist (bachelor degrees in both from U of         I.)  MS4 permitting for U of I currently, SWPPP compliance main focus.  New construction and  post construction practices and education outreach efforts.

4. Board Appointments ( Discussion & Appointment Secretary): Chair Person: Thomas      Stoeffler. Vice Chair: Sean Pearl. Secretary:_________.  Decided to wait till next meeting to appoint secretary.


5.  Tree Planting Centennial Park Update (Alliant Energy: Branching Out Grant $10,000) 86 Trees of the 100 trees planted.

• Guy Goldsmith: Trees looking good, watering them a lot. Last few maples to plant near fall.

• $14,000 spent in the 86 so far. City  covering the remainder of cost over the $10,000.

• Touched bases on bio-swales. Going to enhance the natural swales w/ plantings, will be no amending of soils. (Centennial Park)

• Grading every 21 Days around pond to satisfy DNR regulations to get closer to seeding dates. (Centennial Park)


  1. Storm Water Issues: Bill Minor; City of North Liberty Construction Inspector. Update on erosion control & sediment audit report from the EPA.

• Tom Palmer City of North Liberty inspector filling in.

• EPA Visited for a one week period to do an audit, on MS4 permitting, since North Liberty discharges into the Iowa River.

• 35 requirements the city has to meet to keep in compliance with the permitting process.

• As a whole city doing very well with education and site plan inspections on a pre approval basis of the beginning of the construction process.

• Report stated also the city does need to work on enforcement of the rules more, including a weekly inspection on current construction to make sure things stay in place.

• City has re-done some policies and procedures to help with the enforcement process.


      7.  Tree & Storm Water Meeting Discussion on moving the Tree & Storm Water Meeting from the date change.  1st Wednesday of the month to the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

• Went to vote and passed to do so effective immediately. 2nd Wednesday of October.


8.  Discussion on any issues or concerns not on agenda.

• Gary McDowell concern with flash flooding over tubes in ditches and roadways in our heavy April rains we had.

• Guy Goldsmith commenting that with the heavy rain it moved a lot of debris and plugged out flows and tubes which in turn caused road flooding.  City was out cleaning them out to let the water through.

• Darice Baxter commenting also on water infiltration systems with housing developments.

• She also spoke on pros of a system called Paved Drain as opposed to using pervious concrete or asphalt.  Kings Materials makes the blocks.

Old Business:

1.  Guy Goldsmith gave update on EAB (Emerald Ash Bore)

• Locations of the pest getting closer

• Ounce found, the experts say it has already been at that location for up to 5 years. So places closer to home will probably start popping up.


Next meeting: October 9th 7:00 pm at City Council Chambers, (#1 Quail Creek Circle)


Meeting adjourned: 7:44pm