Tree and Storm Water Board minutes from October 9, 2013

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board
Minutes of Wednesday October 9, 2013

Meeting called to order7:00

Present:  Guy Goldsmith, Thomas Stoefller Sean Pearl, Gary McDowell, Malinda Allen

Absent:  Darice Baxter

New Business:

  1. Review and approve minutes: Minutes approved
  2. Open to public for comments and concerns:  No comments or concerns brought forward
  3. Introduce new members: Malinda Allen (Malinda not in attendance August 7th) Citizen board member.  Master gardener and longtime member of the Arbor day foundation
  4. Board Appointments:  Chair Person:       Thomas Stoeffler                                                                                                                             Vice Chair Person:           Sean Pearl

New Appointment:  Secretary:                  Gary McDowell (approved by council)

  1. Tree Planting Centennial Park update (Alliant Energy: Branching Out Grant $10,000):  Guy Goldsmith:  Trees mostly planted, 10 more to plant
  2. City Tree Inventory:  Brian Hammer (not present) and Mark Vitosh (Iowa State Forester)(not present).  Guy Goldsmith:  City of North Liberty received a grant to do a tree inventory.  5 days spent inventorying city ROW and park trees via GPS.  Budgeting tool to use for the future.  City considering purchasing own equipment.  Report not ready until winter.
  3. Emerald Ash Bore:  Council discussed concerns with local transport of ash wood in the event of EAB outbreak.  Ongoing issue.
  4. Storm Water Issues:  Bill Minor (not present)  Guy Goldsmith:  Removal of all erosion control at Centennial Park.  Grant money will be available for storm water control going into 2014.

Old Business:

  1. Gary McDowell will continue to explore the possibility of bringing in a speaker to discuss EAB in depth.

Next meeting:  January 8th 7:00pm at City Council Chambers, (#1 Qual Creek Circle)

Meeting adjourned:  7:42pm