Parks and Recreation Commission meeting minutes for May 1, 2014

North Liberty Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Board Members Present: Dan Skemp, Shelby Behrens Jami Maxson, Kerry Fitzpatrick, Jef Farland, Carmen Noska
Others Present: Shelly Simpson, Tim Hamer, and Brian Motley
Meeting called to order: 7:02 pm

1. Approve minutes: Minutes from April 3 approved.
2. Public Comments: Mr. McCarty, resident of Red Barn Dr is interested in establishing a park or mini park near the city pond in his neighborhood. It could be an “entrance to the city” for people coming to our community. He also had questions about ability to have canoes or paddleboats on the water. There is no sign currently regarding fishing or swimming, etc. Kerry Fitzpatrick thought it is part of the master plan but there is no timeline; he volunteered to meet with area residents to review current plans. We may also need to check on how much land outside the pond is available to the city.

Scott Samer was also present with questions regarding fishing in local ponds. He was concerned regarding winterkill of fish in city ponds and wondered what entity is responsible for stocking the ponds; Tim explained that the Parks Dept. is partnering with the DNR. Mr. Samer is willing and interested in helping with restocking or otherwise helping with the ponds. He also had concerns about introducing fishing to children as some of the ponds have steep banks. He is wondering if we are able to create flat spots on the banks to help with this. Tim will check will Guy regarding cost and feasibility.

3. Building and Grounds Report: Time spent on building maintenance, mowing and tree pruning and maintaining ball diamonds. Also working on Free Fish Weekend and preparation for Blues and BBQ.

4. Board openings: Jami and Carmen have terms expiring. Jami plans to re-apply, but Carmen does not. Applications are due May 23.​

5. Penn Meadows Park: Reviewed info/layout as previously distributed. Splash pad and concession/restroom areas are priority, with parking lot expansion next likely.

6. Summer preparation: Staff is busy preparing for summer (Katie the outdoor pool, Kyle the concessions, and Matt Fielder for summer camp).

7. Upcoming Events: ​Most summer programs begin​​​Week of May 5
Pee Wee golf​​​​​May 7
Lifeguard class​​​​​May 16-18
Cubs/Brewers game​​​​May 18
Blast ball​​​​​​May 21

8. Facility Holiday Hours: Saturday May 24 through Monday May 25
Rec Center open 8am-6pm
Outdoor Pool open noon-6pm

1. Recreation Monthly Report: Highlight was Easter Egg Hunt April 12, able to be held outside for the first time in several years (approx. 750 children present)
2. Other Issues/Concerns: Offices in the pool area have problems with temperature and humidity issues; company is coming in to evaluate and make recommendations. They are also likely to do a feasibility study regarding the pool and swimming opportunities and whether our pool is adequate for community size or if opportunities need to be expanded.

1. Next Meeting​​​​Thursday June 5, 2014 at 7:00PM
​​​​​​Location: City Council Chambers at 1 Quail Creek Circle
May not be a quorum in June or July, so Shelly with look at meeting needs other possible dates.

2. Adjourned at 8:11 pm