Eastside Utilities Project update for April 3, 2015

Weekly Overview: March 30 to April 3

  • Progress Meeting 1 was held and minutes distributed.
  • FOX attended the project open house on March 31.
  • Additional silt fence was placed to control erosion control. Discussions about stabilization required for the stream channel realignments.
  • Langman started laying the 30-inch sanitary sewer pipe. They made the connection to the Influent WWTP Structure. They placed approximately 100 feet of pipe. They set man hole No. 1 (MH-1).
  • The majority of the farm fence on the Scanlon property was installed.

What to expect April 6 to April 10

  • Langman will continue to place the 30-inch sanitary sewer pipe on the North Liberty WWTP facility. It is anticipated that they will lay approximately 800 feet of sewer up to man hole No. 3 (MH-3).
  • The field fence on the Scanlon property shall be all installed.