Highway 965 mainline paving completed, additional work ongoing

The dry spring has helped keep the Highway 965 improvements on scheduled, though rain is expected later this week and into next, which may slow progress, project leaders reported at this morning’s progress meeting.

Last week, Horsfield Construction completed all of the mainline paving, though they still have to pour connections to 240th Street, Scales Bend Road (including the right-turn-lane from Highway 965) and Dubuque Street. These pieces are expected to be poured this week. Since 240th crosses the Crandic Railway’s tracks, the railroad will be required to work on crossings in the coming weeks.

Preparation for a new asphalt layer on Highway 965 north of Scales Bend was completed, with the new overlay expected later this week. (230th will receive a new layer of asphalt at the completion of the project.)

Horsfield crews also completed removing pavement from the west side of the Penn Street and Highway 965 intersection and expect to prep this week and repour concrete next week, with brick crosswalks laid by hand next week as well.

Electrical work, and fiber option connections, for new traffic signals at the Scales Bend Road intersection is ongoing. Also still to come are sidewalks and trail connections, lighting, signals, landscaping, line painting and other work.