Coming soon: traffic to Highway 965

Crews continue to prepare Highway 965 north of Penn Street for traffic. The concrete is poured, the railway approaches complete and the brick crosswalks installed. So what’s the hold up?

To expedite the elimination of the detour, city staff is pushing to have the road reopened to traffic prior to the completion of the entire project. Right now we’re waiting for engineers at McClure Engineering Company to approve a temporary traffic control plan so utilities can be located and signs installed. We’re also waiting for the right weather conditions so the specialized paint used to mark road lanes can be striped and last as long as possible.

Traffic signals, landscaping, sidewalks and trails and some other work are expected to be completed after the road has been reopened.

Depending on weather, the road, including the intersections at 240th, Scales Bend and Dubuque, could open as early as the end of next week.