Good Neighbor Meeting for the northeast corner Forevergreen Road and Interstate 380

The property owner has decided to cancel this meeting at this time. Another Good Neighbor meeting will need to be set before rezoning can be considered.

Date and Time of Meeting: September 24, 2015, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Location: North Liberty City Administrative Office Building 3 Quail Creek Circle, North Liberty

The city may soon consider a rezoning for property and the public is invited to an open house-style meeting being held to explain the proposal. The property is approximately 70 acres at the northeast corner of Forevergreen Road and I-380. The proposal is for a commercial zoning, but no specific development is planned at this time. A location map is shown on the right. This memo is being sent to property owners within 200 feet of the proposed development.

Good Neighbor Meeting Marks 9-2015

This Good Neighbor meeting is being held to explain the potential rezoning being considered by the owner/developer, and to gather any comments you may have regarding the proposal. No Planning Commission or City Council action has been taken, but is anticipated within the next several months if the application moves forward. This meeting is intended to notify you early in the process and to help the developer understand neighborhood concerns, and other formal public meetings will be held by the Planning Commission and City Council if the development applications proceed. Again, please note that a specific development plan has not been submitted at this time, and the proposal is simply to rezone the property to Commercial.

Please feel free to drop into the good neighbor meeting any time within the period shown above. There will not be a formal meeting or presentation; instead, city staff and the developer will be available for informal open-house discussions with maps and information regarding the proposal.

If you wish to discuss this application and are unable to attend the meeting, please contact City of North Liberty Planning Director Dean Wheatley directly and to schedule a private meeting at
319-626-5747,, or 3 Quail Creek Court, PO Box 77, North Liberty, Iowa 52317.