North Liberty City Council sets goals for next two years

At last night’s meeting of the North Liberty City Council, councilors accepted a report that acknowledged the city’s accomplishments over the past two years, its ongoing commitments and a set of six goals for the next 24 months. The goals, listed in order of priority, are:

  1. Refine planning, evaluate options, identify priorities, develop design, establish timelines and financing plan for Civic Campus
  2. (Tie) Implement FY 2017 phase of development of Centennial Park; Develop and implement plans for FY 2018 Centennial Park projects
  3. (Tie) Evaluate alternatives regarding fire protection services in North Liberty (such as, second fire station in NW part of town, evaluate efficiencies of joining together with Coralville Fire Department, evaluate concept of paid Fire Department)
  4. Connect trails and sidewalks, particularly from west side
  5. (Tie) Benchmarking survey to capture rate of satisfaction in the eyes of our residents and how that satisfaction rate changes from year to year
  6. (Tie) Explore financial options to fund more of our parks and rec plan

The goals come out of a process, facilitated by Jeff Schott, director of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa, that asks elected officials and city staff to identify accomplishments, challenges, opportunities and new initiatives the city should potentially undertake. Staff and elected officials work to identify ongoing commitments. Mayor Nielsen and the City Councilor come to a consensus on which initiatives are a priority to peruse.

The report, while not binding or set in stone, offers guidance and direction on municipal priorities.

The full report, prepared by Jeff Schott, director of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa, is available here.