Tree and Storm Water Advisory Board minutes for January 13, 2016

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board
Minutes of Wednesday January 13, 2016 meeting
City Council Chambers.

Meeting called to order: 7:00pm.
Present: Guy Goldsmith, Thomas Stoeffler, Gary McDowell, JoAnn Greene, Malinda Allen,
Absent: Darcie Baxter
Minutes taken by: Tim Hamer

New Business:
1. Review and approve minutes: Minutes approved

2. Public Comments/ Concerns: NO COMMENTS.

3. MidAmerican Energy: Trees Please Grant:
• Guy- Received a $1,000 grant to continue planting trees at West Lakes Park.
• JoAnn- Comment of species selection for endangered Indiana Bats.
• Gary- Comment of bats liking Hickory trees over 7” diameter.
• Thomas- asked last time planted out there?
• Guy- Responded, last year. We continue to plant year to year till we finish a park then move on to another.

4. Alliant Energy Operation ReLeaf:
• Guy- 83 people, 230 trees distributed. Second time with the program. Every three years for our location.
• Thomas- Asked any no shows?
• Guy- had 1 no show, we planted their trees.

5. Storm Water Issues: Tom Palmer not there. Push agenda item off to next meeting.

6. Any Tree or Storm Water issues/ concerns not on the agenda:
• JoAnn- Comment to board to keep in mind with new development designs. Current 4” top soil requirements except up to 1 ¼” rainfall. But as developments age and additions of patios, basketball courts and garages the runoff will increase above what the basin can handle. Like to see ordnance with wording stating if you increase footprint of your houses, that the retention areas be designed to keep that in mind. Shared a photo of her yard of this case from a neighbor expanding their footprint.
• Guy- City actively promoting top soil amendments.
• Malinda- Homeowner associations have a phrase backing JoAnn’s concerns. Saying you cannot alter house in any way to effect runoff on association property or your neighbor.
• Gary- Same concerns, as JoAnn and Malinda, he also is losing area of his property due to a creek on back side of his property.
• Guy- Addressing these issues, bring them up to City staff since there is money in storm water runoff to help fix areas around town. Maybe start with Tom Palmer. Parks Department tries to keep clear all intakes along bike trail creek and Streets Department has done a lot of work around town also.
• Malinda- Asked are there programs for this?
• Guy- Yes, we have a Storm Water BMP Program that you can apply for. There is money available for residents soil restorations.
• Thomas- Thought just about everyone in town could benefit from it and with more money makes it more enticing. With amendments it soaks up water instead of running on down the way.
• Gary- Doing some mitigation of his own, all down spouts to a raingarden area.

New subject:
• Guy- Couple things, Muddy Creek Clean-up April 9th. Also Tree City USA Award City received for the 21st year running. Adding, that 1 acre of trees consume 6 ton of Carbon Dioxide, and add 4 ton of Oxygen in 1 years’ time.

New subject:
• Malinda- Want to congratulate Guy Goldsmith of his Employee of the Year Award he received from the City.
• Guy- Appreciate her comments and that it was a big surprise to him.

Old Business:
1. Old Business: Issues from past meetings. None


Next meeting: April 13, 2016 at 7:00 pm at City Council Chambers, (#1 Quail Creek Circle)

Meeting adjourned: 7:28pm