Parks and Recreation Commission minutes for December 1, 2016

North Liberty Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Board Members Present:    Jef Farland, Jami Maxson, Scott Stahmer, RaQuishia Harrington. Matthew Eckhardt, Bonnie Pitz

Others Present:  Guy Goldsmith, Shelly Simpson and Tim Hamer

Meeting called to order: 6:57 pm



  1. Approve minutes: Minutes from October 6 meeting approved. (No quorum for               meeting in November)
  1. Building and Grounds Report: Penn Meadows shelter complete. Spent time winterizing, including new splashpad and concession stand.  MidAmercian Energy cut down many trees along trail on Zeller to protect high pressure gas mains.  City was responsible for removing the debris – took approximately 50 dump truck loads.  Budget and capital improvement paln was submitted.  Guy is hoping for approval for another staff person, to be able to have 2 landscape crews.
  2. Indoor Pool Deck: Work has begun already.  Quartz flooring on high traffic area and ‘Life Floor’ (rubber tile like) inside railing to water’s edge.
  1. Winter/Spring brochure: Programs offered January-April 2017. Brochure already online registration starts week of Decemebr 5..
  1. Facility Holiday hours: Closed Dec 24, Dec 25, Jan 1.  On Dec 23, Dec 26, Dec 30, Dec 31, Jan 2 full time staff have holiday, part time staff cover facility which will be open 8am-6pm those days.
  1. Aquatic Pool Master Plan: Will soon have Water’s Edge sumamry report, hope to then have joint meeting with City Council.



  1. Recreation Monthly Report: Increase use of weight and exercise area with colder weather.



  1. Next Meeting Thursday Jamuary 5, 2016 at 7:00PM

Location: City Council Chambers at 1 Quail Creek Circle


  1. Adjourned at 7:24 pm