Police report for November 2016

Traffic Contacts: 379
Parking Contacts: 18
Vehicle Inspections: 34
Vehicle Unlocks: 26
Crash Investigations: 24
Public Assists: 269
Assist Other Agency: 98
Crimes Against Persons Report: 12
Crimes Against Property Report: 21
Other Reports: 25
Arrests: 26
Warrants: 2
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 15
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 6
Crimes Against Property Charges: 4
Other Charges: 7
Animal Calls: 33
Total Calls for Service: 1,839
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 19,368

• Officer Eric Kapfer graduated from the Cedar Rapids Regional Police Academy and has started the FTO process.
• Supervisors participated in a one hour Family Medical Leave Act training seminar. (4 hours).
• Two officers attended the Field Training Officer instructional program in Des Moines. (80 hours)
• Officer attended Bomb Squad training (8 hours)
• All staff participated in 8 hours of Blue Courage Training. This is training is on the heart and mindset of officers. (168 hours)

Public Relations:
• The department participated in the “No Shave November” to raise funds for the Domestic Violence Intervention Program’s 20th Annual Toy Drive and the Shop with a Cop program in December.
• Officers participated in a Law Enforcement Dodgeball tournament at the NL rec center to raise funds for the Special Olympics.
• Received several letters of support and thank you notes from students, teachers, community members and local businesses.
• Officers have begun preparing for the Citizen’s Police academy. Applications are available on the city website or they can be picked up at the front desk of the police department.
• The department raised the most funds in a city challenge for United Way. Our reward was to have Ryan Heiar work at the PD. He came in for a night ride and for some much needed cleaning chores.
• Chief spoke to the Community Leadership Program about the growth of this department and was on a panel about other law enforcement related issues.
• Officers taught a 2 hour presentation to First United Methodist Church on active shooter and ALiCE for their environment. About 35 members went through the training.

• The new SUV is in and we are receiving the equipment that will be installed in two weeks.
• We have replaced the batteries in two of the Automatic External defibrillator (AED’s). The units are brought in and out of the extreme temperature changes, but it still causes the batteries to go bad.
• A new SLR camera was purchases for evidence processing. This will be used by patrol officers who have attended that training. The SLR camera picks up fingerprints, shoe treads, or tool mark impression at a higher quality that can be analyzed at the DCI crime lab. This was on the list to purchase, but we got a better Black Friday deal on the camera.

• Officers were involved in a pursuit of robbery suspects in the early morning hours. All three suspects were apprehended and charged with crimes from an incident in Johnson County.
• Officers continued with several extra patrol requests and vacation house checks.
• We also have received several credit card and identity theft related reports for increased online and holiday spending.

Department Admin:
• Officers on their own time attended the funerals of the Des Moines Police Sergeant Tony Beminio and Urbandale Police Officer Justin Martin.
• Officers worked overtime for the U of I Football home games.
• Officers worked the grand opening for Keystone Properties on two separate occasions.
• A Policy review is happening with subject matter experts, supervisors, and union members for Use of Force, Firearms, Taser, and K9. This is part of the project management team to upgrade our policy to Lexipol following best practices, and State and Federal Law. This will be a software version that provides daily training on the policies, tracking the time it is covered, and ease of use for any changes and how quickly the changes can be sent to staff. Part of this is a two hour training session for 12 weeks with specialist from Lexipol and 9 other departments across the state.
• Nominations were received for Officer of the Year award.
• Applications were received by the department for the 2nd Annual Shop with a Cop program.