Police report for December 2016

Traffic Contacts: 381
Parking Contacts: 64
Vehicle Inspections: 21
Vehicle Unlocks: 32
Crash Investigations: 23
Public Assists: 310
Assist Other Agency: 117
Crimes Against Persons Report: 10
Crimes Against Property Report: 20
Other Reports: 25
Arrests: 36
Warrants: 1
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 18
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 4
Crimes Against Property Charges: 9
Other Charges: 14
Animal Calls: 27
Total Calls for Service: 1908
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 21,276


• Two officers attended the OC instructor re-certification school at ILEA (16 hours)
• Supervisors assisted in the planning for next month’s county wide mandatory training.(MATS)

Public Relations:

• The department participated in the City Wide Severson Challenge to collect and donate food to the NL Food Pantry. Our participation increases every year.
• Held the 2nd Annual Shop with a cop. We had 7 North Liberty families that shopped with officers for their immediate family members and a couple of surprise gifts from Santa. The funds used are from fingerprints, donations, and $800 grant from Wal-Mart.
• Chief was on a panel of police officers at Kirkwood Community College.
• Several officers attended the annual City Holiday Party.
• Holiday Spirit- 24 $3 Jimmy John Gift Cards were donated to the PD. The officers wanted to pay it forward and sent out to find people doing things right to earn a gift card. The patrol officers handed out the gift cards.
• Blue Hearts of Johnson County hosted a breakfast with Santa fundraiser at Hills bank and officers working stopped in for the event. This group is made up of area law enforcements wives, girlfriends and significant others.
• Received donations for the K9 program from the Colony Pumpkin Patch ($2300), Fox Engineering ($2500), William and Mary Ann Dorst ($200), and Terry and Roberta Donahue ($100). SYNcere printing also donated money ($250) from the proceeds of their sales. We have received donations in the total amount of $6550 since October.
• Travis Clubb completed one child safety seat inspection.
• Planning continues for the Polar Plunge in February with Beat the Bitter events. Officer Ben Campbell did a test plunge this month and it was posted on social media sites.
• The chief agreed to be a part of an online Career Spotlight Opportunity for Girl Scouts of America in Eastern Iowa. This will be an ongoing effort to be available for answers about planning and recommendations in a career in policing for young girls.
• Sgt. Regenwether taught a prevention and alcohol compliance class to 18 employees at the request of J&A tap. Employees also got to test and try on beer goggles. Part of this training is to feel the effects of being impaired and seeing the clues of being impaired.


• We have inventoried evidence collection equipment and purchased replacement for expired testing kits.
• We had a patrol car that was damaged in a rear/side collision. The officer was not at fault and insurance for the other driver has approved the repair. Total repair for the patrol car $1480.
• Officers will be receiving a second full size badge that identifies themselves as a North Liberty Police Officer. This will be for their ID and badge lanyard that can be used on or off duty, if the need should arise for immediate identification.
• Continue testing, planning and preparing for the integration model for the body worn cameral upgrade that will be happening in the next few months from the federal grant. We have completed our wear test and will be selecting L3 as the vendor. This is currently who we have for all in car video and some past body camera systems.


• Officers followed up on the first snow emergency declaration. 52 parking tickets were issued. December had the highest number of parking tickets for the year.
• We continued to receive complaints of multiple identity theft, credit card fraud, or thefts from during this time of the year. Officers apprehended and charge some individuals associated with these types of crime this month.

Department Admin:

• For officers received a letter of commendation for outstanding police work in identifying and capturing robbery suspects last month.
• Officer Travis Clubb was selected as the 2016 Officer of the year for attention to detail, guardian mentality, locating felony suspects, being a role model and trainer for new officers, positive attitude and the time he has taken on his off duty time to make sure kids ride in properly installed car seats.
• Continue to work with the ongoing policy migration with Lexipol. Several officers and the chief are involved in this project.
• Bid shifts were sent out to all union employees for changes that would happen January 1st.
• New forms are being developed for new requirements and reporting in in domestic assault investigations, travel per diems, and operation planning for serving high risk warrants.
• Annual evaluations were completed for all employees by the end of the month. We did this because shifts and supervisor were changed starting January 1st.