Parks and Recreation Commission minutes for January 5, 2017

North Liberty Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting
Thursday, January 5, 2017
Board Members Present: Jef Farland, Jami Maxson, Scott Stahmer, RaQuishia Harrington. Matthew Eckhardt
Others Present: Guy Goldsmith, Shelly Simpson and Tim Hamer
Meeting called to order: 7:00 pm


1. Approve minutes: Minutes from December 1 meeting approved.

2. Building and Grounds Report: Limited snow removal, performed equipment maintenance. Tree City USA recertification application submitted. Received $1000 Trees Please from MidAmerican.

3. Indoor Pool Deck: Work is complete. Many positive comments, feel free to stop to see.

4. Winter/Spring Programs: Programs already begun, or will so next week.

5. Aquatic Pool Master Plan: Aim for joint meeting with City Council early 2017.

6. New Issues: Possibility of Recreation Center Master Plan brought up, look at is facility meeting needs, where to go next. May merge with Aquatic Master Plan. Possible survey re recreation needs, Shelly will attempt to pull numbers re use of different areas of facility at different times of day to help with planning.

1. Recreation Monthly Report: Increased use of weight and exercise area with colder weather and New Year resolutions. Monthly attendance totals for 2016 reviewed, most areas have increased use from 2015.


1. Next Meeting Thursday February 2, 2016 at 7:00PM
Location: City Council Chambers at 1 Quail Creek Circle

2. Adjourned at 7:18 pm

Minutes submitted by Jami Maxson