City Council agenda for February 28, 2017

North Liberty City Council
February 28, 2017 Regular Session
6:30 p.m.
City Council Chambers

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  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. City Council Minutes, Regular Session, February 14, 2017
    2. Claims
    3. January Revenues
    4. Liquor License Update, Casey’s 595 N. Kansas Avenue, update of premises
    5. Penn Street ICAAP Project, Pay Application Number 11, Metro Pavers, $2,006.74
    6. Penn Street ICAAP Project, Change Order Number 8, Metro Pavers, ($427.00)
  5. Public Comment
  6. City Planner Report
  7. City Engineer Report
  8. City Attorney Report
  9. Assistant City Administrator Report
  10. City Administrator Report
  11. Mayor Pro Tem Report
  12. Junge Ford Site Plan
    1. Staff and Commission recommendations
    2. Applicant presentation
    3. Resolution Number 2017-13, A Resolution approving the Development Site Plan for Lot 28, Liberty’s Gate Part Three and Lot 1, Liberty’s Gate Part Eight with the exception of Auditor’s Parcel 200715, North Liberty, Iowa
  13. Spotix Update and Request
    1. Resolution Number 2017-14, A Resolution amending the Development Agreement with Spotix,
  14. CIT Program
    1. Discussion and possible action of appointment of City representative to the committee
  15. McLeodUSA Fiber Optics Agreement– 3rd Addendum
    1. Resolution Number 2017-15, A Resolution approving the Third Addendum to the Tower and Ground Lease with Option between the City of North Liberty and McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, LLC that establishes the terms and conditions under which fiber optic cables will be installed in the City of North Liberty, Iowa
  16. FY 18 Budget
    1. Public Hearing regarding proposed FY 18 budget
    2. Resolution Number 2017-16, A Resolution adopting the Annual Budget and Capital Improvements Plan for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2018 for the City of North Liberty, Iowa
  17. Highway 965, Phase Three
    1. Resolution Number 2017-17, Approving the Services Agreement between the city of North Liberty and Shive-Hattery, Inc. for the Highway 965, Phase Three Project
  18. Creekside South BMP Maintenance Agreement
    1. Resolution Number 2017-18, A Resolution approving the Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance Agreement and Easement between the City of North Liberty and Hodge Construction under which stormwater management facilities will be maintained in Creekside South in the City of North Liberty, Iowa
  19. Mayoral Appointment
    1. Presentation by applicants
    2. Discussion by Council
    3. Motion for appointment
    4. Oath of office
  20. Old Business
  21. New Business
  22. Adjournment