Tree and Storm Water Advisory Board minutes for January 11, 2017

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board
Minutes of Wednesday January 11, 2017 meeting
City Council Chambers.

Meeting called to order: 7:00pm.

Present: Thomas Stoeffler, Gary McDowell, Darice Baxter, Guy Goldsmith, Tom Palmer

Absent: Derrick Parker.

Minutes taken by Tim Hamer

New Business:

  1. Review and approve minutes:
    1. Motion to approve by Gary, second by Darice. Motion Passed.
  1. Public Comments/ Concerns: NO COMMENTS
  1. MidAmerican Energy: Trees Please Grant Update on the 2017 Tree Please Grant application. $1,000 requested for the Fox Valley Common area.
    1. Guy- Update of receiving a $1,000 award that will be put towards 12 trees or so in the Fox Valley area. An open area between houses.
    2. Tom- Species planted?
    3. Guy- Swamp White Oak, River Birch, and some others to diversify.
  1. Tree City USA Update on the Tree City USA  Application.
    1. Guy- Updated that the Iowa DNR has approved at the state level, so confident will receive again for the 22nd year running. The Award is based on Town population and spending $2 per capita of that population.  Can be everything from tree maintenance, labor and volunteer time.
  1. Storm Water Issues: Tom Palmer; City of North Liberty Building Official Report on the North Liberty Code of Ordinances by Regarding Building Department Administrative Provisions and Building Code Requirements.
    1. Tom Palmer- Hosting the Eastern Iowa Storm Water group first quarterly meeting at the community center on February 16th from 1-4.
    2. Amendment to City Ordnance on questions of interpreting Tree/ Storm water issues to this board instead of to the Building Department of Appeals Board.
    3. Full-time Erosion Control Position. Now changed job duties to just Storm Water Commissioner and managing MS4 permit requirements.  Only focusing on these two full time.  Other duties of previous position to be split up between other building inspectors and Streets worker Andy Salmn.
  1.   MidAmerican Energy Pipeline tree clearing. Gary McDowell reporting.
    1. Gary- 7 miles of clearing from Washington to Cedar Rapids getting finished up.
    2. Thanked the City for all the help and cooperation with the project.
    3. 2017 contract out to bid North Liberty not effected this year. 12 miles of work on this contract.
    4. Guy- Asked why doing all this work so important.
    5. Gary- Vegetation effects coating on transmission pipelines, causing problems and not wanting to have problems, so important to keep public safe and to have maintenance access.
  1. West Lakes Park/Pond Community effort: Invasive willow tree removal.
    1. Guy- October 15th, Residents and staff took out 8 dump truck loads of willow brush.
    2. Thanked all those who helped, saves a lot of time on City staff and makes a difference.
    3. Hoping to move to other ponds and do the same.
  1.   Any Tree or Storm Water issues/ concerns not on the agenda:
    1. Tom S.- At next meeting when Derrick present, we can finalize board appointments.
    2. Guy- Hopefully will have a new member also, to replace Jo-Ann since she stepped down.
    3. Darice- Asked about an area across street from Junior High. What is it?
    4. Tom P.- Reconstructed the retention pond for the Creekside sub-division from what was already there.

Old Business:

  1. Old Business: Issues from past meetings. None





  1. Next meeting: April 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm at City Council Chambers, (#1 Quail Creek Circle) Meeting Quarterly: (January, April, July, October)
  2. Meeting adjourned: 7:29pm.