Parks and Recreation commission agenda July 6, 2017

North Liberty Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting
Thursday, July 6, 2017
Proposal of Agenda


Download a PDF of this meeting’s information packet.


  1. Approve minutes from meeting (s) of: Minutes from June 1 meeting; Minutes from June 13 work session with City Council.
  2. Public Comments/Concerns: Open to public for comments and concerns; 5 minutes per person time limit.
  3. Board Appointments: Welcome Incumbents, Scott and Jami; Appoint: Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary
  4. Building & Grounds Report: Parks Monthly Report
  5. Aquatic Work Session: Discussion from June 13 joint meeting. Start a list of what we feel are the priority recommendations on projects/goals. Discuss deadline to provide info to city council.
  6. Upcoming Events: Blues & BBQ, July 8; Another Episode, July 20; Youth Triathlon Event, July 30
  7. Any new issues not on the agenda?


  1. Recreation Monthly Report: Report included in packet summarizing the past month.
  2. Any old business not on agenda?


  1. Next Meeting: Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM, Location: City Council Chambers at 1 Quail Creek Circle
  2. Adjourn