Tree and Storm Water Advisory Board agenda for July 12, 2017

North Liberty Tree & Storm Water Advisory Board Meeting
Wednesday July 12, 2017
Proposal of Agenda


Download a PDF of this meeting’s information packet.


  1. Approve minutes from meeting (s) of:  Minutes from April 12 meeting.
  2. Public Comments/Concerns: Open to public for comments and concerns: 5 minutes per person time limit.
  3. Board Appointments:
    1. (Board Discussion to appoint or wait until the October meeting)
    2. Chair
    3. Vice Chair
    4. Secretary
  4. Storm Water Art Outreach Project: Darice Baxter: Raising awareness of storm water runoff through the UpStream Art Project.
  5.   Storm Water Mike Wolfe:   City of North Liberty Storm Water Coordinator
    1. Muddy Creek Watershed Assessment
    2. IOWATER testing
    3. Clear Creek Watershed Coalition involvement
    4. Post Construction Conference in Coralville
    5. North Liberty cost share program
  6. Purpose of the Board: Derrick Parker:  Board Discussion:
    1. Define the purpose of this committee?
    2. What is each person expected to do?
    3. What services do we provide?
    4. Is there other work we should be pursuing?  Example: grants, event support.
  7. Any new issues not on the agenda?


  1. Update on 2017 MidAmerican Energy Trees Please Grant tree planting Fox Valley Outlot A. (Possible Board attendance)
  2. Any old business not on agenda?


  1. Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 7:00 PM, Location: City Council Chambers
    1. Meeting Quarterly: (January, April, July, October)
  2. Adjourn: