Planning and Zoning Commission minutes for August 1, 2017

Planning Commission with City Council
Joint Meeting
August 1, 2017

Roll Call
Mayor Terry Donahue called the August 1, 2017 Special Session of the North Liberty City Council Joint Meeting with the Planning Commission to order at 6:30 p.m. Councilors present: Sarah Madsen, Annie Pollock, Jim Sayre, Brian Wayson; absent – Chris Hoffman. Planning Commission members present: Jennifer Bleil, Ronda Detlefsen, Adam Gebhart, Jason Heisler, Rebecca Keogh, Kylie Pentecost and Patrick Staber.

Others present: Ryan Heiar, Dean Wheatley, Tracey Mulcahey, Kevin Trom and other interested parties.

Agenda Approval
Gebhart moved, Bleil seconded to approve the agenda. The vote was all ayes. Agenda approved.

Discussion and Direction
Council and the Commission discussed outdoor eating establishments. The consensus was to work to shorten the length of the approval process. Councilor Hoffman arrived at 6:34 p.m.

Wheatley presented information regarding administrative Site Plan changes including examples of how applied. The consensus was that the presented approved changes are acceptable and the process should be continued.

The group discussed masonry requirements including the allowance of new materials other than masonry.

The Planning Commission and Council discussed the impact of GEICO and other development on the community including housing styles, bicycle trails and transportation. Additional work will be presented on trail expansion.

The group discussed the impact of improvements at Forevergreen Road and I380. There was a consensus to review the current Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan in the context of this development.

Discussion was held on voluntary versus involuntary annexations. The group discussed roundabout impacts on children on bicycles. Councilor Madsen requested information on the placement of school crossing signs. The group discussed the boundaries of the two school districts.
Development around the new high school was discussed. After discussion on the consideration of requiring sidewalks on both sides of private drives in developments, the consensus was to have a bigger discussion on this item.

Chair Detlefsen adjourned the meeting at 8:07 p.m.