Parks and Recreation Commission minutes for December 7, 2017

North Liberty Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Board Members Present:   Matthew Eckhardt, Jami Maxson, Scott Stahmer,  Raquishia Harrington, Jeff Kellbach, Troy Carter

Others Present: Shelly Simpson, Guy Goldsmith, Brian Motley

Meeting called to order: 7:00 pm




  1. Approve minutes: Minutes from November 2 meeting approved.
  2. Board Appointment:  Welcome Troy Carter, new board member
  3. Dek Hockey presentation: Joshua Karau presented info re activity, started in                    Quad Cities by Patrick Levesque, has now expanded to Waterloo and would like         to expand to North Liberty. Is version of hockey played on hard surface outdoors               spring to fall.  Their needs are hard surface (concrete or ashphalt), lighting, and         sound.  They would provide interlocking surface, side walls and fencing.  Board     is interested but issue is space and hard surface availability.
  4. Centennial Park playground:  Guy presented 4 options, 2 from Little Tikes and        2 from Game Time for 5-12 yr play structure at park.  All are a poured in place               surface, and ADA accessible.  Discussion re costs and features of each.  Motion               made and passed to approve Little Tikes Option 1.
  5. Recreation Survey: No budget approval for RFP so Shelly worked with Nick to               formulate survey that is available online and via hard copy at Rec Center desk               and City Hall.  WIll accept through January 31.
  6. Fees/Membership discussion:Presented proposals for new fee/membership               schedule.   Depending on the age group and package type, fees may increase,               decrease or stay the same, although many of the annual fees have a decrease               in cost.  Proposal has no difference in rates between resident and non-resident.                Have not had rate increase in 10 years, and would like to institute a facility use               pass to better track and identify facility users (such as for open gym).  Discussed            proposals, board had questions re no fee difference for non-residents (who are               also not paying taxes to support center) and the new facility/track use annual fee            of $60, wondering if it will limit ready use that is an introduction to the rest of the             facility.  Shelly will discuss more with staff and bring back to board.
  7. Building and Grounds Report: Finished mowing, snow removal equipment ready. Seeded Babe Ruth field.  Working on budget, has meeting re budget next week.
  8. Upcoming events:

Holiday Vendor Fair                                                                     December 9

Breakfast with Santa                                                                    December 9



  1. Recreation Monthly Report: Novemebr swim seesion had 178 participants.               Increase in Kids Campsite numbers with cold weather.


  1. Next Meeting Thursday January 4, 2018 at 7:00PM

Location: City Council Chambers at 1 Quail Creek Circle

  1. Adjourned at 8:24 pm


Minutes submitted by Jami Maxson