City Council agenda for January 9, 2018

North Liberty City Council
January 9, 2018
Regular Session
6:30 p.m.
City Council Chambers
1 Quail Creek Circle

Download a PDF of this meeting’s information packet.
Download the added material for item 3H, Phase II WWTP Improvements, Pay Application Number 28.

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. City Council Minutes, Regular Session, December 21, 2017
    2. Claims
    3. Liquor License Application, Hoosier Creek Conservation Event – 1/26/18
    4. Liquor License Renewal, Walgreens
    5. Phase I Water System Improvements – Division I Water Treatment Plant Project, Pay Application Number 15, Portzen Construction, $601,560.43
    6. North Liberty Road Project, Pay Application Number 11, Metro Pavers, Inc., $110,501.42
    7. Phase II WWTP Improvements, Work Change Directive No. 10, Tricon Construction $121,435.91
    8. Phase II WWTP Improvements, Pay Application Number 28, Tricon Construction Group, $39,024.33
  5. Public Comment
  6. City Planner Report
  7. City Engineer Report
  8. City Attorney Report
  9. Assistant City Administrator Report
  10. City Administrator Report
  11. Mayor Report
  12. FY 17 Audit
    1. Resolution Number 2018-01, A Resolution accepting the Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2017 as completed by Winkel, Parker & Foster CPA, PC
  13. ICCSD School Property Rezoning
    1. Second consideration of Ordinance Number 2017-13, An Ordinance amending Chapter 167 of the North Liberty Code of Ordinances by amending the use regulations on property owned by the Iowa City Community School District located in North Liberty, Iowa to those set forth in the Municipal Code for the P-Public Zoning District
  14. Automatic Aid Agreement-Fire
    1. Resolution Number 2018-02, A Resolution approving the Automatic Aid Agreement between Solon Tri-Township Emergency Response Agency and the City of North Liberty
  15. Forevergreen Road Project
    1. Resolution Number 2018-03, A Resolution Approving Purchase Agreements for the Forevergreen Road Project (Project: IMN-380-6(344)2—OE-52)
  16. Front Street Project
    1. Resolution Number 2018-04, A Resolution approving the Temporary Construction Easements for the 2018 North Front Street and related improvements Project between various owners and the City of North Liberty
  17. Trail Connection Project
    1. Resolution Number 2018-05, A Resolution approving the Temporary Construction Easement Agreement between Donald A. Kelchen and Laurie A. Kelchen and the City of North Liberty
  18. Old Business
  19. New Business
  20. Adjournment