Changes coming to North Liberty’s trash system this summer

Working with Johnson County Refuse, the contractor who has long provided service in North Liberty, the city has approved a plan to modernize North Liberty’s refuse, recycling and curbside compost system, with heavy-duty wheeled carts and new options for residential customers. The fee for trash collection will be rolled in with the current city utility bill, with the city passing every dollar of the monthly service fee to Johnson County Refuse.

The changes provide convenience and additional recycling capacity to residents, while helping to address challenges Johnson County Refuse faces meeting its workforce needs by automating collection. The change will also alleviate the strain annual sticker renewal imposes on city resources and staff and the inconvenience to customers.

In advance of the change scheduled for July 1, 2018, each household is asked to select from the three bin options by May 21 so the selected bin can be delivered in June. The three options are:

  • Option A: 65-gallon trash bin collected weekly for $14.65 per month
  • Option B: 35-gallon trash bin collected weekly for $12.65 per month
  • Option C: 35-gallon trash bin collected every other week for $7.65 per month

Households who don’t select by May 21, 2018, will receive Option A. Household will also receive a 95-gallon heavy-duty recycling bin. The cost of recycling and annual cleanup day will remain $5.15 per household.

Photos of the bins, and additional information, are available at Bins are also on display at the North Liberty Community Library, 520 W. Cherry Street.