Swim Lesson Information

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Conversion Chart

In 2015, the North Liberty Aquatics Center reorganized its lesson levels. Please refer the the chart below to convert from our previous levels to our current levels.

Previous Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
New Levels 1 2 2 3 4 5 5 6 6

Lesson Progression

It is possible for children not to pass each level after one attempt. Instructors will evaluate skills on the first day of lessons and students may be moved as spots become available. It is common for Level 1-3 to take one to two summers to pass and Levels 4-6 needing two to four summers to pass. Please remind your children that it is normal to repeat levels.

Parent and Tot (6 months – 2 years)

This Parent and Tot class gives adult caretakers a chance to interact with children in the water while leading them through fun water activities. This class focuses on water acclimation and basic water skills. The goal of the program is to acquaint the child to the water with parental assistance. At least one adult must accompany child.

Tadpoles (Age 3)

The Tadpole class is designed for the young swimmer wanting to learn aquatic skills independent of caretaker. This class will teach basic beginner skills while increasing swimmers comfort in the water. Pre-requisites: Children must be able to be in a class setting in the pool and follow directions given by an instructor

Level 1 (Age 4 or passed Tadpoles)

Level 1 teaches children to be comfortable in the water with submerging mouth, nose and eyes. This level also includes practice of the following skills: front float with face in the water and with support, back float with support, roll from front float to back float and back float to front float with support, front and back glides with support, paddling on front with face in the water with support and paddling on back with support.

Level 2 (Passed Level 1)

Level 2 has similar skills as Level 1 but will provide practice of completing skills independently and with increased distance. Freestyle and Backstroke will be introduced in this level completing them with support. Arm and leg action for treading water will also be introduced. Pre-requisites: Front float with face in water with support, back float with support, roll from front float to back float and back float to front float with support, paddling arms and legs on front and back with support.

Level 3 (Passed Level 2)

Level 3 includes practice of front and back glides independently, increased distance and completing freestyle and backstroke independently. Elementary backstroke arms and legs and breaststroke arms are introduced in this level. Pre-requisites: Font and back float independently, front and back glide 5 yards with support, roll from front float to back float and back float to front float independently, swim freestyle and backstroke 5 yards with support.

Level 4 (Passed Level 3)

Level 4 continues increasing distance for freestyle and backstroke. Rotary breathing for freestyle is introduced in this level along with dolphin kick, breaststroke kick, and scissor kick. Elementary backstroke arms and legs are put together for the first time in this level. Pre-requisites: Front and back glides 5 yards independently, freestyle and backstroke 10 yards, elementary backstroke arms with support and legs with support, treading arm/leg motions in chest deep water.

Level 5 (Passed Level 4)

Level 5 continues increasing endurance for freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke. Dolphin kick on back, breaststroke arms and legs (put together), sidestroke arms and legs (put together), open turns, headfirst dive from stride position and butterfly arms are all introduced in this level. Pre-requisites: Jump in chest deep water, swim freestyle 15 yards, tread 30 seconds, and swim elementary backstroke 15 yards; rotary breathing while swimming freestyle, dolphin kick, scissor kick.

Level 6 (Passed Level 5)

Level 6 is the final swim lesson level on our program. This class will continue building endurance for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke. Butterfly arms and legs will be put together in level 6. Other skills introduced will be flip turns, surface dive (fully submerged), long dive with a glide of 2 body lengths and then swim, compact dive. Pre-requisites: Perform stride dive into deep water; swim freestyle 25 yards, open turn, breaststroke 15 yards; swim elementary backstroke 25 yards and tread for 1 minute.

Make Up/Refund Policy

Monday through Friday morning Lessons will refund a lesson only if three or more classes per session are missed or if the facility is unable to offer lessons.
Evening lessons will refund a missed lesson only if the facility is unable to offer the lesson.
Private lessons will receive a refund for the missed class only if the facility is unable to offer the lesson.
Refunds or make-ups will not be given if the participant is unable to attend a scheduled class.
Participants are unable to attend a different day/time or session if they are unable to attend their scheduled class times
Request for program/class refunds must be made at least 3 weekdays prior to the first class meeting between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Refunds for health reasons may be considered. Copy of doctor’s note is required.
Requests must be made in writing to the Aquatic Supervisor.
Any credits may be applied to your NLRC account.
Refunds are processed through City Hall and will be mailed to you. Please allow 3-4 weeks
Bodily fluid incidents are beyond our control and do not qualify for refunds or make-ups.