Jim Sayre

Jim Sayre

City Councilor
1395 Antler Drive
(319) 631-8800
Hometown: Naco, Ariz.

What brought you to North Liberty? We moved to the area after accepting a job at the University of Iowa. When looking in the area for a place to raise a family, North Liberty was the obvious choice.

What’s your favorite thing about North Liberty? One of my favorite things about North Liberty is that the city is in its prime. We’re growing (and very quickly) but we still have the opportunity to shape what the city will look and feel like in its future state.

What are your goals for serving the city? Simple: Be an active participant in my community, listen, and be reasonable.

Hobbies: I have four kids; I have no time for hobbies! My children’s hobbies are my hobbies. I do, however, enjoy backpacking and experiencing isolated outdoors.

Best piece of advice: “Be nice to everyone, all the time.”

Something about me that would surprise people: As a child my school was located right on the Mexico/United States border so during lunch break we’d walk over to Mexico to eat lunch.

One word to describe me: Reasonable.