City Hall/Administration

City Hall is located at 3 Quail Creek Circle and can be contacted via phone at 319-626-5700.  Housed in this facility are administration, the building department, city planning and human resources. Sign up for water bills and receive trash stickers at City Hall, which is open Monday-Friday 7am-4pm.

The City Administrator is responsible for the day to day administration of the city.  Policy direction is given by the city council, and it is the charge of the City Administrator to ensure that the city takes the necessary steps to see that policy is implemented.  The manager prepares the city budget for submission to the council, and is responsible for oversight of city expenditures and personnel decision. The City Administrator also directly supervises the directors of the City’s departments.

As of January 2011: The City of North Liberty will no longer respond to wild animal calls on private property (example: raccoon under my residence or on my roof).  The owner or lessee of said property will be referred to a private pest control company, (example: Critter Control at 1-319-683-2560).  The City of North Liberty will respond if a wild animal is a hazard to the public (example: resident received a bite from a wild animal and needs assistance in capturing for testing.)

View the Open Records Policy, Form and Documentation as a PDF.