Commissions & Boards

Board openings

Volunteers needed You can make a difference in many aspects of community development. You are invited to take this opportunity to volunteer your time to serve on any one of the following. Applications are available at the City Administration building at 3 Quail Creek Circle or on to download here. County residents seeking appointment to the Library Board of Trustees should visit this page to determine whether the a vacancy exists and, if so, interested applicants should follow County procedures to apply. Iowa State Code requires that cities have gender balance on all boards and commissions. With appointments and reappointments, gender balance will be considered. Applicants must be 18 years old and a legal resident of the city.

There are nine commissions that assist in department overview and making recommendations to City Council. Members are appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council.

Board of Adjustment
A five-member board charged with approving variances and conditional uses for buildings in North Liberty. It meets as needed.

Board of Appeals
A five-member board charged with hearing appeals regarding the application and interpretation of the North Liberty building code. It meets as needed.

Cemetery Board
A six-member board (three from North Liberty and three from Penn Township) charged with overseeing Ridgewood Cemetery on Scales Bend Road. It usually meets the first Monday of February, April and November.

Library Board of Trustees A six-member (one member from Johnson County) board charged with overseeing the North Liberty Community Library. Is usually meets the third Monday of the month.

Parks and Recreation Commission
A seven-member board charged with reviewing and recommending policies, ordinance and budgets related to the city’s parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities. It usually meets on the first Thursday of each month.

Planning and Zoning Commission
A seven-member board charged with overseeing the city’s comprehensive plan, zoning code, reviewing conditional permits, and other planning and zoning issues. It usually meets the first Tuesday of each month.

Telecommunications Commission
A five-member board charged with overseeing cable service franchisees in the city.  It meets quarterly on the first Monday of the month.

Transit Advisory Committee
A committee charged help shape the transit plan for the City of North Liberty. It meets as needed.

Tree and Storm Water Advisory Board
An advisory board with five voting members charged with overseeing the city’s comprehensive City Tree Plan, the implementation of public education and programs for care and clean up of trees and waterways, and more. It meets quarterly.