City Planner Dean Wheatley oversees North Liberty’s planning department, which handles a variety of planning and land development inquiries and serves as the city’s resource for planning, platting, zoning and development information.

Information about and applications for rezoning, platting, site plans and other new-development issues are available on our Development page. Maps, including street and zoning maps, are available on our City Maps page.

East Growth Area


  1. Overview. The growth area for North Liberty has been defined and an agreement is in place with Coralville for the future long-term growth of both cities. The Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) has selected high school and elementary school sites within this growth area. To date no development proposals have been submitted to the City of North Liberty; however, the ICCSD has started the design process for the new high school and some developers have started planning in parts of this growth area.
  2. Governmental Responsibilities. The City of North Liberty must plan foPark Plan adopted 2016-02-23r development of the growth area within the City’s jurisdictional boundary. Each governmental entity is responsible for public infrastructure within their respective jurisdictional boundary, but we are working together to maximize efficiencies where possible.
  3. Planning Studies. Prior to development of this area, planning studies must be performed to identify necessary improvements for roadways, pedestrian/bicycle accommodations, water, sewer and public infrastructure. The City of North Liberty has completed the necessary planning studies/concepts (listed below), and preliminary engineering design work is underway. This is necessary before design and construction of the improvements.
    • Updated the Comprehensive Plan (2014)
    • MPO Dubuque Street/NL Rd/First Ave traffic study (2012)
    • Forevergreen Road Alignment study (2012)
    • MPO ICCSD high school traffic impact analysis (2014)
    • Sanitary Sewer Service Study (2011)
    • Wastewater Treatment Facility plan (2013)
    • Water System Facility plan (2013)
    • NL Road & Dubuque Street concepts/costs (2013)
    • NL SE Utilities design (started 2013)
    • Trails and Parks Plan updates scheduled for this year
  4. Improvements Planned. Infrastructure improvements within the City of North Liberty area will consist of roadway corridor, watermain, and sanitary sewer upgrades and expansions. Drainage and stormwater management improvements are required by City code and will be provided by each development proposal. Implementation of these improvements include: planning studies, design process, public hearing & bidding, and construction.
  5. Design of Improvements. The infrastructure design process will be completed in phases and include consideration of alternatives, costs, environmental impacts & mitigation, directly affected property owners, and both short & long-term service needs. Projects will be designed by licensed professional engineers. Infrastructure costs will be significant and will be constructed over several years in phases.
  6. Intergovernmental Cooperation. North Liberty and Coralville have been meeting regularly to plan and coordinate infrastructure improvements in each respective jurisdiction. Currently, the cities are in negotiation for a potential sanitary sewer trade agreement as well as an emergency water back-up connection.
  7. Sensitivity to Owners. North Liberty has begun meetings with property owners in this growth area who may be directly impacted by infrastructure improvements. Infrastructure must meet the needs of the area but also consider individual properties. Our goal is to minimize as many negative individual property impacts as is reasonably possible.
  8. Growth Demands. City and rural county growth in this area continues. Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) studies have suggested that Dubuque Street and First Avenue will require improvements within each of North Liberty’s, Coralville’s, and Johnson County’s jurisdictions as this growth continues. Each of these jurisdictions will be responsible for implementation of their respective improvements.
  9. High School. The new high school location will also affect this area. Currently high school students must drive or bus from the North Liberty, Coralville, and rural county areas along Dubuque Street, First Avenue, and Hwy 965 to West High & City High. The new high school site will provide a much closer school location for these students to drive. Their driving distances will be dramatically reduced, enhancing safety.


Comprehensive Plan
The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide development and redevelopment policy for the City of North Liberty, focusing on land use planning. That is particularly important this year, 2013, as the City contemplates annexation and growth into land east of the current corporate limits. Although the City has updated its Land Use Plan on an ongoing basis in response to changing conditions, this reexamination will ensure that stated policies are consistent with those updates and that the anticipated new City growth will fit into the overall Land Use Plan.

Informational PDFs including plans, calendars and maps