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Ranshaw Way (Highway 965) build out

Improvements to Ranshaw Way (Highway 965) between Penn and Zeller streets. Improvements include widening the road to five lanes, adding trail and sidewalk, storm sewer and other utility improvements, and landscaping. (In a separate project, the City of Coralville will also be making improvements to Coral Ridge Avenue between Forevergreen Road and Oakdale Boulevard, to which the City of North Liberty is contributing. This will include adding a right-turn lane for eastbound Forevergreen Road traffic at the intersection with the road.)
Timing: The project is expected to be awarded in March. Final completion is expected by the end of November.
Cost: This project was awarded to Streb Construction Co., Inc on March 13, 2018, with a bid of $4,520,000. About $2 million of project costs will come from federal government sources.
Traffic impact: There will be some occasion lane closures. Through traffic will be maintained at all times on Ranshaw Way, but during intersection improvements, side-street traffic will be detoured.

Front Street improvements Replacing upgrading the entire road and sidewalk from Cherry to Zeller streets, including storm sewers, water mains, sanitary sewers and other utilities.
Timing: Work is expected to expected to begin in March 2018. Final completion is expected by the end of November.
Cost: This project was awarded to Dave Schmitt Construction on Feb. 27, 2918, with a bid of $1,068,481. This is being paid for with cash-on-hand from road-use tax funding from the state’s 2015 gas tax increase.
Traffic impact: The roadway and sidewalks will be closed during construction, with temporary access drives for residents on the street.

Trail network expansion The completion of trail connections along Penn Street, Alexander Way and Scales Bend Road to tie together the existing trail network.
Timing: The project is expected to begin in early spring of 2018, with final completion expected by the end of summer 2018.
Cost: This project was awarded to All American Concrete on Feb. 9, 2018, with a bid of $305,500.
Traffic impact: There will be occasional lane closures to allow for safe construction during parts of the project.

Forevergreen Road interchange and local roads: These projects, including construction of a new five-lane overpass, ramps to and from Interstate 380, and three-lane local road and trail improvements from I-380 to Covered Bridge Road, is being managed by the Iowa Department of Transportation.
Timing: The project is expected to last into the 2019 construction season.

Kansas Avenue Paving of the road between Forevergreen Road and St. Andrews Drive, with sidewalk and utility improvements.
Timing: The project is expected to be awarded in April, construction in May. Final completion is expected by the end of November.
Cost: The engineer’s estimate for this project is approximately $5.5 million, with approximately $3 million coming from the State of Iowa through a RISE grant.
Traffic impact: The road will be closed during this project.

Drinking Water Improvements

A series of projects to upgrade and expand of our municipal drinking water system. North Liberty’s population now uses nearly 1.5 million gallons of drinking water every day. This project includes building a new water treatment plant, ground storage and additional wells.


Water Treatment Plant: A new plant, replacing the current facility build in the mid-1970s, at the city public works campus along Front Street. This project will increase the volume of water our system can treat as well as make improvements to our treatment process.
Timing: Work will begin in fall 2016. Final completion is scheduled for August 2018.
Cost: The project was awarded to Portzen Construction for $13,449,000.

Raw Water Mains: New pipes to move water from new wells located north of Quail Ridge Park on Zeller Street and the old water treatment plant on Chestnut Street.
Timing: Work is expected to be complete in January 2018.

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