Highway 965: The road has re-opened for winter. Construction will re-start in the spring.
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Highway 965, Phase 2

highway-965-scales-bend-road-finalProject description: A four-stage reconstruction of Highway 965 from the Penn Street intersection to Pheasant Lane to remove the highway’s bank, add turn lanes and traffic signals at Scales Bend Road (seen to the right), improvements to the intersection with Dubuque Street, the addition of trails and sidewalks, as well as landscaping and street light improvements. The first two stages are shown above; stages 3 and 4 are scheduled for 2015.

Start date: Stage 1 was completed in the fall of 2014, as was some of Stage 2. The balance of Stage 2, including the reconstruction of the intersections of Scales Bend Road and Dubuque Street, is scheduled for the spring of 2015, with the final two stages are scheduled for 2015.

Detour and access: Stage 2 work will close the Dubuque Street and Scales Bend Road intersections. Pheasant Lane and 230th Street will serve as the detour route.

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Q: Will there be traffic controls at North Dubuque and Penn streets during construction? HWY 965

A: We’ve looked at the options, and there isn’t a good one. During peak times, traffic already stacks from Front Street to Pacha Parkway. Stopping traffic at North Dubuque Street will push traffic into the Highway 965 intersection. The location of the railroad tracks, since we’d need to take steps to avoid having traffic stopped on them, and the need to accommodate turning trucks, since we’d need to push stopped traffic further from the intersection,  make the use of temporary lights impractical as well. The best option is for traffic to use the detour to Alexander Way whenever possible.

Q: Is it necessary to close Highway 965 completely? HWY 965

A: Some traffic would need to have been detoured during the project, but by closing Highway 965, instead of allowing some traffic on part of the road during work, will save an estimated $400,000 in throwaway costs such as temporary pavement and equipment staging. It also allows contractors to work more safely and faster, and will save an estimated 11 weeks of construction time. So while the full closure will cause some short-term inconvenience, we believe the trade off is for the better.

Q: Will there be traffic lights at Alexander Way and Penn Street for the detour? HWY 965

A: We understand that is a heavily traveled stretch of Penn Street and the detoured traffic will be add more cars. There will be signals at the intersection for the duration of the detours to help cars turning from Alexander Way onto Penn Street.