Community Center access open during summer construction

Construction at the North Liberty Community Center will continue through the summer, which can make accessing the facility for the pool, Recster camps, summer reading programs, Prime Time and Game Time basketball leagues, and all of the other activities it houses confusing.
The south entrance reopened in March, but the handicap ramp will remain inaccessible until the sidewalks are repoured. The building can also be accessed from the north parking lot, where the entrance does not require a ramp for those unable to use stairs. The parking lot on the north side also includes designated handicap spaces and curb ramps. Since moving into its new expansion, the library can be accessed from the west during its normal operating hours. Over the next several weeks, the parking lots will be repainted and loading zones and additional handicap parking will be added.
During the Prime Time and Game Time basketball leagues, additional parking will be available in the grass off of Community Drive, to the north of the Community Center within easy walking distance.

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