Police report for March 2018

Traffic Contacts: 449
Parking Contacts: 34
Vehicle Inspections 29
Vehicle Unlocks: 28
Crash Investigations: 18
Public Assists: 336
Assist Other Agency: 113
Crimes Against Persons Report: 8
Crimes Against Property Report: 12
Other Reports: 40
Arrests: 32
Warrants: 3
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 17
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 6
Crimes Against Property Charges: 4
Other Charges: 17
Animal Calls: 33
Total Calls for Service: 2,026
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 5,744


  • All officers attended the Spring Range training for handgun, shotgun, and rifles. There was also a demonstration on working with the canine for building searches and tracking. (240 hours)
  • Records Supervisor attended free training in Cedar Rapids for the Federal Crime reporting standards (UCR/NIBRS). (8 hours)
  • Three officers attended the week long training for the County Wide CIT program. (120 hours)
  • Two officers attended a day long training on Constitutional Policing and Use of Force in Waterloo, Iowa (16 hours)
  • Two officers attended tactical training and one officer attended Dive team training (40 hours)
  • Records and LT attended a 4 hour training session in Dubuque for our online training and tracking system, Target Solutions.
  • An officer attended training for computer crime trends (32 hours)
  • Canine team attended 2 days of training at Canine Tactical (16 hours)
  • Records Supervisor attended a group meeting for users of our police records management software in Cedar Rapids (6 hours)
  • Lieutenant attended a Leadership training course and importance of hiring for character at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office (16 hours)
  • All officers completed online training for Evidence/Crime Scene Management and Law Enforcement Distracted Driving. (22 hours)


Public Relations:

  • A supervisor presented annual training at J& A Tap for employees to identify overserved, underage, and other intoxication issues at the business.
  • Officers attended the NL Optimist Pancake Breakfast.
  • Chief attended “First Coffee” at City Tractor.
  • An officer read at North Bend Elementary for their guest reader for the week.
  • One officer continued with the weekly instruction for the Citizen Police Academy.
  • Two officers presented Robbery Response Training for employees at Collin Community Credit Union.
  • The Chief attended the City’s Project Open House at the Community Center to discuss the new police department interior layout and site plan for the empty lot at across from the Fire Department.
  • Brandon Campbell donated a ballistic panel (Angel Armor) that will be installed in one of our patrol cars. We really appreciate his thoughtfulness and generous donation for the safety of our staff.
  • An officer attended the Easter Egg Hunt at the Community Center.


  • Ordered uniform, vest, and duty belt equipment for new hire.
  • One vehicle sustained disabling damage during a pursuit. This was one of the vehicles we were going to trade in July.  We are working with the insurance provider for damages.
  • Our Canine Vehicle sustained damaged from a driver’s side rear collision when a vehicle slid through an intersection in during the snow storm. No one was injured and arrangements are being made for the insurance provider to handle the damages.
  • All of the department in-car and portable radios were updated to make the law enforcement channels encrypted.


  • One rotation worked to obtain two search warrants on nuisance properties that neighbors and management called for continuous odor of burning marijuana. The cases were developed to the point where a judge authorized search warrants. The warrants were executed and narcotics were discovered. At this point, officers have not been called again by neighbors or property owners to either property.
  • Several planning steps were put in place for the junior high and high school protest. Officers were staged in certain areas in case needed/requested. Officers were not needed for the peaceful demonstration.
  • A special traffic enforcement project was planned for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Vehicle Burglaries have started to be reported during the nicer weather days. One juvenile was arrested for taking change out of unlocked motor vehicles off of 240th We continue to encourage residents to lock their vehicles and remove any valuables from sight.

Department Admin:

  • New hire, Alec Fjelstul, started and will attend the academy at the end of April. During this time he will be working in the office, acquiring equipment and reading policy.
  • Continue to work with the Architect for the interior and exterior design of the Police Station.
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