Police Report for January 2019

Traffic Contacts: 392
Parking Contacts: 223
Vehicle Inspections 16
Vehicle Unlocks: 42
Crash Investigations: 29
Public Assists: 519
Assist Other Agency: 120
Crimes Against Persons Report: 12
Crimes Against Property Report: 15
Other Reports: 56
Arrests: 53
Warrants: 8
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 32
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 4
Crimes Against Property Charges: 6
Other Charges: 28
Animal Calls: 33
Total Calls for Service: 2,423
Total Calls for Service for the year: 2,423


  • All officers attended MATS (Multi-agency Training session for two days during the month. This updates our annual training requirements county wide. (topics included- law update, cultural diversity, neurobiology of trauma, CPR, Haz Mat, case review, bomb squad, K9, Iowa COPS,  Juvenile Diversion programs, access center update) (320 Hours)

Public Relations:

  • Officer Tygart represented NLPD at the NLFD’s Learning Initiatives Sunday seminars.
  • Sgt Regenwether taught an alcohol compliance class to J & A Tap to all of their employees. (2.5 hours).
  • Officers have been requested and worked the basketball games at Liberty High School. Officers are reimbursed for their time by the school.
  • We have a Solon High School Intern completing 60 hours of ride time with the department.
  • Assisted with former street superintendent, Don Colony’s processional through town.
  • Officers were involved in a question answer session on MLK Jr. Day at the high school.
  • An officer is posting public safety information and services the department provides on the Next-door app for city residents.
  • Chief attended the Professional Day presentation for a local youth leadership group and discussed challenges faced in her career.
  • The PD K9 demonstration for Beat the Bitter went on as planned, but unfortunately the other events we planned weren’t so lucky. We had to cancel the Freezin for a Reason Polar Plunge due to low temperatures. We also had to cancel the Community Connections at the Library due to low registration numbers. Several officers attended several public events.
  • Citizen Police Academy started and there were over 50 registered participants. A very large class for our area. We will be assisting for 10 weeks.


  • We replaced patrol car 207. This was part of the budgeting process. We are spacing the purchases out during the budget cycle.
  • We are replacing our body worn cameras. We had a contract with L-3 to get new cameras from the grant earlier this year. We received the cameras, but due to them heating up to dangerous levels, they had to be recalled. We waited 6 months for the replacements and with no guaranteed ship date, we decided to go with a different manufacturer. After researching and testing sample cameras, Axon was the company we decided to go with. We believe it has the best technology and back office software for evidence handling. We will be swapping out the equipment and getting our money returned for the L-3 products. The money we used came from a matching grant with the federal government.
  • A new LIDAR was acquired through our traffic enforcement grant.
  • Process of replacing the department’s office phones under the city upgrade program.


  • Over 200+ parking tickets have been issued this month for snow emergencies.
  • Assisted in notification of several private plow drivers to not push snow across the street or onto adjacent property.

Department Admin:

  • Attended an in-person unemployment appeal hearing with an administrative law judge regarding a terminated officer. The city won the appeal process citing the former employee was terminated for misconduct and is not eligible for benefits. The former employee then filed another appeal.
  • Held Union Negotiations for changes to the upcoming contract. We will meet again next month.
  • Working on year-end power point report.
  • Completing end of year employee evaluations for all staff members.
  • Meeting were held for the JECC user advisory committee, supervisors meeting, Chief’s meeting, E-911 commission meeting/ budget approval, the City’s budget approval process, and with our cellular city service provider, Verizon. Preemption for cell services in in progress for four city owned first responders numbers (cell and data).
  • Held additional police officer candidate interviews with our hiring committee.
  • Had several members of the public ride along this month.
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