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When’s the Community Center Reopening?

When’s the Community Center Reopening?

For now, the Community Center continues to host our childcare program for school-age kids and, starting June 1, will host more kids for our summer camp. These are essential programs to help our community’s working families, and we plan to keep the building closed to the public at first to allow us to spread kids and caregivers out throughout the facility.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Resources

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Resources

A variety of resources and information about COVID-19 is available at

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Police Report for April 2019

Traffic Contacts: 404
Parking Contacts: 27
Vehicle Inspections: 26
Vehicle Unlocks: 37
Crash Investigations: 19
Public Assists: 401
Assist Other Agency: 121
Crimes Against Persons Report: 13
Crimes Against Property Report: 17
Other Reports: 47
Arrests: 45
Warrants: 6
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 30
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 11
Crimes Against Property Charges: 4
Other Charges: 17
Animal Calls: 85
Total Calls for Service: 2,301
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 9,018


  • Attended Canine, Bomb Squad, Dive team and SERT team training for the month. (40 hours)
  • Officers completed 1 hour of Autism awareness training for the month. (20 hours)
  • Several officers and office staff attended a city sponsored training on Diversity awareness
  • Sergeant attended training in East Moline for managing the property and evidence room.
  • An investigator attended the two week long school on intelligence gathering and available resources. (80 hours)
  • Two officers attended a week long Field Training Officer School in East Moline (80 hours)
  • Three firearms instructors were recertified in Glock Armoring (24 hours)
  • Two officers attended training in Milwaukee for Honor Guard training (80 hours). This was the initial training for our county wide team.
  • Two officers attended training to become CPR or Basic Life Support instructors (8 hours)
  • All officers attended mandatory training for rifle, handgun, shotgun and Defensive Tactics (168 hours).
  • Our GTSB coordinator attended the state and national conference on traffic safety. This was paid out of the state grant.

Public Relations:

  • Participants graduated from the Citizen’s Police Academy
  • Officer assist with the Kites for Kids festival
  • Officer participated and served donuts at the Dudes and Donuts events at North Bend Elementary
  • Two officers competed in a Garner Reading contest
  • Officers assisted with the Easter Egg Hunt at Centennial Park.
  • We participated in the National Prescription Drug Take back day and took in over 200 pounds of prescription medication.
  • Officers worked the Liberty HS prom and overtime was paid by Liberty.
  • Officers worked traffic control for the Run Crandic marathon through town. The overtime will be reimbursed by the Run Crandic Committee.
  • Held the official ground breaking Ceremony for the PD.
  • An officer completed three child seat safety inspections this month.
  • An employee participated in the Employee Day of Service/City Clean-up day.


  • Leasing of new two new copiers for the department. The lease for one of our previous machines was up, so the company offered to buy us out of our other contract.
  • We outfitted two new officers with all duty gear, weapons and vests.
  • Officers who needed to replace their vest have been fitted and the order has been placed.
  • Still getting the last vehicle outfitted and removing items from the older vehicle. It will be in service next month.
  • In process of researching and replacing our handguns to 9mm. Pistols are replaced every 5 years and we are coming up on that deadline in the fall.


  • We have had multiple runaway reports once the weather has gotten nicer. All juveniles have been located and returned home.
  • Officers worked texting and traffic safety grant programs in North Liberty.
  • Have seen almost a significant increase in animal calls from last month.

Department Admin:

  • A new hire, Ames Helzer (505) was sworn in and has started. He is a certified officer and started his field training this month.  This was the July hire that we started early because of funding and availability.
  • A new hire, Jacob Minick (503) was sworn in and will start the academy on April 29th and graduate on August 16th.
  • Continue to work with the Architect on design features. A time lapse camera was installed to show the progression on the site
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