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Check on the Outdoor Pool’s Status

Check on the Outdoor Pool’s Status

This summer, our outdoor pool has having trouble keeping up with the hundreds of swimmers using it every day this summer, requiring early closures when the deep end becomes too cloudy for our lifeguards to see all the way to the bottom of the deep end. This is a safety issue we cannot compromise on and requires us to close the outdoor pool.

If you want to check on the status of the outdoor pool before you arrive, please call the recreation department’s front desk at (319) 626-5716.

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North Liberty has a Top Tank (of Water)

There are lots of different rankings towns tout, and we do that, too. But only Sellerburg, Ind., gets to tout a better ground tank.

This week, Preload, LLC, a global leader in prestressed concrete tank design and construction, named North Liberty’s 750,000 gallon water storage tank as its second place 2019 Concrete Decision Award, Top Tank.

The campaign registered hundreds of online votes for tanks from across the United States, with first place going to the Silver Creek Water Corporation’s 2.25 Million Gallon water storage tank, located in Sellersburg, Ind., and third place going to North Texas Municipal Water District’s pair of 13.5 Million Gallon water storage tanks located in Allen, Texas.

Preload is making a $1,500 donation to Water for People on behalf of the City of North Liberty.

“We want to thank all of the individuals from City of North Liberty and communities across the country who participated and voted for the tanks in their communities,” said Ryan Harvey, Chief Executive Officer of PRELOAD.

“One of our goals with the Concrete Decision Campaign is to make water infrastructure a point of pride for communities, and the response this year absolutely showed that people care a great deal about the tanks in their cities and towns across the country.”

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