Police Report for May 2019

Traffic Contacts: 517
Parking Contacts: 32
Vehicle Inspections: 27
Vehicle Unlocks: 27
Crash Investigations: 26
Public Assists: 402
Assist Other Agency: 121
Crimes Against Persons Report: 6
Crimes Against Property Report: 19
Other Reports: 11
Arrests: 32
Warrants: 7
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 15
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 5
Crimes Against Property Charges: 3
Other Charges: 18
Animal Calls: 60
Total Calls for Service: 2,362
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 11,380


  • Bomb squad, dive team, and SERT training was attended by members this month (48 hours)
  • Three officers attended a week long bike patrol school in East Moline. (96 hours)
  • The canine and handler attended a certification course in Des Moines (40 hours).
  • Jacob Minick has completed 6 weeks of the ILEA academy training. (240 hours)
  • Ames Helzer is still completing the Field Training for our department. He is assigned to train with another officer each shift.
  • One Sergeant completed the salvage vehicle inspector training. (8 hours)
  • Officer Miller left for a 6-week FBI course for his bomb squad certification in Alabama.
  • Chief attended a peer support program for Chief Executive Officers (8 hours)
  • Supervisor completed online training for Performance Evaluation training, and Early Intervention and PTSD (10 hours)
  • Supervisors attended the Chief’s Conference in Coralville in regards to leadership and risk management topics. (64 hours)

Public Relations:

  • Officers attended the Johnson County Police Officer Memorial celebration in Iowa City.
  • Officers worked school sponsored events and after prom. Overtime was paid for by the school.
  • Officers worked graduation for Liberty. Overtime was paid for by the School.
  • Hosted two groups of 2nd graders from Garner at the PD. The 80 kids learned what a police officer does, got to ask the officer any questions they had and toured a patrol car.
  • Completed 5 child safety seat inspections by our certified technician.
  • Golfview Mobile Home Court requested two officers to work a neighborhood meeting. The officers worked overtime which was paid by Golfview MHC.


  • A new Dodge Charger was put into service. The old one is stripped, and we will use as a court/training car for the summer.
  • Purchased a new police mountain bike.


  • Officers spent time assisting parties for dissolution of marriage/property.
  • Worked a joint project on I380 under the GTSB with other agencies for the move over law for vehicles flashing their hazards.
  • Continue to handle reports of missing juveniles. All the juveniles have been found and some have taken off again.

Department Admin:

  • Ames Helzer is still completing his field training this month.
  • One officer is gone on his two week AT military leave.
  • Meeting with contractor for the PD construction, they found an old oil tank on the site and removed it. They are putting the footings in for the building.
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