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Name That Dog Park

North Liberty expects to open its first dog park in summer 2020, and it needs a name.

Located at 980 North Liberty Road, the park will offer space for well-behaved, licensed and vaccinated dogs of all kinds to run and play. It will also offer dogs a great place to socialize their well-behaved and vaccinated humans.

The public is invited to offer suggestions for the park through Tuesday, Aug. 27, through our online form.

Suggest a Name

A committee of residents and staff will select a few names for the Parks and Recreation Commission to consider for recommendation at its Sept. 5 meeting. The City Council is expected to consider the commission’s recommendation on Sept. 10, 2019.

The following criteria should be used when selecting a name:

  • Community Pride: The park should bear a name that in somewhat showcases the community, as well as be a point of pride for our residents, businesses and other stakeholders.
  • Timeless: The park should bear a name that won’t feel dated and tired in the future and isn’t subject to trends or fads.
  • Native: The park should bear a name that feels of this place.
  • Originality: The park should bear a name that will stand out, and not be lost in the sea of park names.
  • Ease of Use: The park should bear a name that is easy to pronounce, read, say and remember.

Suggest a Name

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