Voter Information for Nov. 5, 2019, Regular Election

A regular city and school election will be held on Nov. 5, 2019, which will fill four seats on North Liberty’s city council: three full four-year terms and the remaining two years of another term. A list of filed candidates for these seats is available on our website, and we will update the page with video from candidate forums and of candidate statements.

Local, state and federal elections throughout Johnson County, including North Liberty, are the responsibility of the Johnson County Auditor’s Office. North Liberty encourages residents to register and vote as a way to participate in their government. The county auditor has detailed information about this election online, including a list of candidates who will appear on the ballot and forums.

Candidate Statements and Forums

Before the start of early voting, we will publish short video statements from filed candidates. The League of Women Voters of Johnson County will host a candidate forum on Thursday, Oct. 17, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the North Liberty Council Chambers, 1 Quail Creek Circle. Video from the forum will be available live on North Liberty Television and streamed on the internet. Video of the statements and the forum will be available on our City Election page.

Voting Early

Early voting is available. Registered voters may vote early at any location (you must vote at your assigned polling place on election day). A calendar of early voting opportunities will be available on the auditor’s website.

Voting on Election Day

Polls will be open 7 a.m. through 8 p.m. On election day, voters will vote at their regular polling place. To vote on election day, voters are to provide ID (under the current court ruling, IDs or ID numbers are NOT required for early voters or for mailed absentee ballots).

Registering to Vote

A voter will need to register whenever they move, change their name or change their political affiliation. Voters can register to vote as soon as they receive mail at their home, as long as they’re a US Citizen, an Iowa resident and at least 17 ½ years old (they must be 18 on election day to cast a ballot). Registration is available online, by mail or in person; learn the requirements and download forms on the Johnson County Auditor’s website.  Registration is available in person on election day at your regular polling place.

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