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Use of Fireworks Prohibited in North Liberty

Use of Fireworks Prohibited in North Liberty

The use of fireworks remains prohibited in North Liberty. Yes, we know you can buy them in town; state law prevents cities from prohibiting sales, but allows local control for their use.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Resources

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Resources

A variety of resources and information about COVID-19 is available at

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Police Report for October 2019

Traffic Contacts: 586
Parking Contacts: 27
Vehicle Inspections: 17
Vehicle Unlocks: 33
Crash Investigations: 35
Public Assists: 459
Assist other Agency: 86
Crimes Against Persons Report: 7
Crimes Against Property Report: 16
Other Reports: 41
Arrests: 36
Warrants: 7
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 21
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 7
Crimes Against Property Charges: 3
Other Charges: 17
Animal Calls: 52
Total Calls for Service: 2,587
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 23,993


  • Bomb squad, dive team, canine, and SERT training was attended by members this month (40 hours)
  • The department held department training on Taser, driving, and felony traffic stops at Hawkeye Downs. (264 hours)
  • Investigator attended the intelligence conference in Des Moines (20 hours)
  • Two officers were re-certified as salvage vehicle inspectors. (16 hours)
  • An officer attended Cyber-crimes training in Des Moines (40 hours)
  • Two officers attended Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, a week long course in Moline (80 hours)
  • Chief attended an executive level peer support training program and to be listed as a state contact for support (8 hours).

Public Relations:

  • Officers assisted Centro with safety planning for their building and a staff joint training program.
  • Officers were at the City’s take flight event handing out swag.
  • Officers stopped in at the NL Community pantry during their coat give away to hand out stickers to the little ones.
  • Completed 3 car safety seat checks.
  • Officer worked the Iowa City School Road Race for the Run for the schools.
  • Officers work the football games for Liberty High School and the University of Iowa
  • Participated collected over 100 pounds of medications during the fall National Drug Take Back event. This medication was turned over to the DEA for disposal.
  • An officer gave a safety presentation at a daycare and tour of the patrol car.
  • One officer represented the PD at the FD Halloween Open house.
  • Two officers handed out Halloween Candy to the trick or treaters that visited the police station.


  • Continue with ongoing repair and maintenance of vehicles. We swap the tires for winter driving.


  • Officers worked traffic enforcement projects in the construction zones for road closed and speeds on detour routes.
  • Report of several unlocked vehicle burglaries in the area of Whipple Ct, Cory Ct, Daisy Cir, Watts, W. Hauer Drive, and Pinehurst. A suspect was identified, located in the area, and charged with the thefts.  Several stolen items were recovered and returned to owners.

Department Admin:

  • We continue to get quotes for computers, tv’s, furniture, gym equipment and cleaning services for the new PD. Vendors should be selected next month for these items.
  • Another underground storage tank/vault was found at the PD construction site. Removal is underway.
  • We continue to work on the FY 20-21 budget for department needs and items for the new PD.
  • Planning on the replacement hiring and set-up testing for a new officer. We have established the timeline and will be testing on November 23rd with call backs for interviews the first week in December. Applications are posted on the city’s website.
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