Connecting a Community

In the spirit of being mindful toward using distancing (and hygiene!) to slow COVID-19’s spread, we are unearthing a past episode of 52317. Keeping with the theme of careful avoidance while acknowledging a need to stay connected, what could fit better this topic than the subject of our local internet service provider?

Chuck Deisbeck has more than 30 years experience tinkering with phones, wiring homes and businesses, getting dirty running lines and becoming intimately familiar with the telecommunications industry inside and out. By the time he became the CEO for South Slope, Chuck had already helped bring western Iowa into the age of high-speed fiber and was looking to expand his horizons and explore new opportunities.

North Liberty is the headquarters of local media, regional financial and national transportation companies and home to solar energy and tech startups, and entrepreneurs getting their big ideas off the ground.

Get to know your new business community.

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