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“We Have Work To Do”: a Joint Statement from North Liberty’s Mayor, City Administrator and Police Chief

George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer was a heinous act.

We have seen the anger, frustration and grief spill out across the country, throughout our state and here in our own community, and finding the right words to say is difficult. Failing to say anything is immeasurably worse.

We will start here:

Our community is right to ask how we can make sure a member of our community does not befall the same fate as George Floyd. Our community is right to push us to examine our policies and our procedures and our training and our implicit biases. Our community is right to expect us to listen and to hear them.

We have work to do as we show our community that our police department embodies its values of integrity, pride, quality service, courage, professionalism and respect.

As government leaders, we are committed to having the uncomfortable conversations, listening to our community and taking bold steps to ensure transparency and equity.

Mayor Terry Donahue
City Administrator Ryan Heiar
Police Chief Diane Venenga

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