Police Reports for May 2020

Traffic Contacts: 22
Parking Contacts: 7
Vehicle Inspections: 0
Vehicle Unlocks: 18
Crash Investigations: 12
Public Assists: 223
Assist other Agency: 101
Crimes Against Persons Report: 9
Crimes Against Property Report: 10
Other Reports: 13
Arrests: 4
Warrants: 0
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 3
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 3
Crimes Against Property Charges: 0
Other Charges: 1
Animal Calls: 55
Total Calls for Service: 1108
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 8441


  • Members reviewed and signed off the new citywide policy manual. (40 hours)
  • Officers took online training classes for heat exhausting and mental health training titled “Self-Improvement = Community Improvement” (40 hours).

Public Relations:

  • Marco’s Pizza dropped off some pizza and excellent brownies for Police Officer memorial Week.
  • Staff attended a funeral procession for a retired administrative assistant after 42 years from CVPD. Karen was always willing to help out any officer or any other agency. She will be missed.
  • Received several thanks, food donations, and even hand sanitizer from community members for the police officers for COVID, and for the Police Officer Memorial Week.
  • We also received 144 gallons of hand sanitizer donated by Iowa Prison Industries. This was for any City Building and shared with other municipal governments.
  • We attended several birthday rolling parades when asked by the public to have police cars/officers involved.


  • The lab equipment, whiteboards, tv’s, fitness equipment, and computer equipment was delivered to the new police station.


  • We have received five COVID- open or gathering complaints this month. All parties were warned about social distancing and large gatherings.

Department Admin:

  • Justin Jacobi started with the department. He was employed for 3 days before being deployed with the Iowa National Guard for a 10-month tour. Once he returns, he will attend the Iowa Law enforcement Academy.
  • We received another Governor’s Traffic Enforcement Safety Grant (GTSB) for another year.
  • We continue with slow progress on the new police station. It is about 95% done and we now are hoping to be in July 1st.

The Chief attended the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) meetings, hosted by Johnson County EMA to bring back and share information with the city.

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