Police Reports for July 2020

Traffic Contacts: 218
Parking Contacts: 14
Vehicle Inspections: 9
Vehicle Unlocks: 15
Crash Investigations: 15
Public Assists: 317
Assist other Agency: 132
Crimes Against Persons Report: 6
Crimes Against Property Report: 20
Other Reports: 29
Arrests: 27
Warrants: 0
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 14
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 6
Crimes Against Property Charges: 4
Other Charges: 17
Animal Calls: 53
Total Calls for Service: 1905
* Total Calls for Service for the year: 12,003


  • One officer completed online De-Escalation instructor training presented by Dolan Consulting (36 hours)
  • Online webinar training for Recognizing a diabetic emergency and Deaf Sensitivity Training Video for Police Officers. (23 hours)
  • Chief attended training on Culturally Responsive Communications and Recognizing Bias (3 hours)
  • One officer attended a less lethal/chemical munitions instructor course at ILEA (32 hours)
  • Dive team, K-9, Bomb Squad, honor guard, and tac team training completed (48 hours)
  • A new hire completed taser training and firearms familiarization. (8 hours)

Public Relations:

  • Several community members and businesses dropped off goodies including, the Newton family on behalf of Carolina Espinoza State Farm Agency to show support for the department. ¬†Thank you!
  • Chief met with the organizer of We Rise Together. A group that wants to bring community members together with the police, especially kids of color.
  • Met with the local Iowa City NAACP chapter president to discuss our future partnerships and ways they can help NLPD. One idea is being an outside viewer of complaints.
  • We are working on posting the speed data online that is collected from the speed trailer. This request is from community members who feel speeding is a problem in their residential areas. We use this data as a tool to determine any habits or times of the day for additional enforcement.
  • We received flowers at the PD for our opening by the NL Optimist, CSS consulting and a resident to say thanks, Nicole Duke. These looked nice in the front lobby.
  • One car seat safety check was completed this month.


  • Continue to work on getting equipment installed and moved to the new building. We have installed a cell phone antenna, radio antenna, and additional switches and servers so we have computer access at the new station.
  • Purchase items for cleaning, storage, and maneuverability for the new PD. We will have one section in our garage that we can do minor maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle.


  • Four vehicles were report stolen over a weekend (Fox Run, Sara Ct areas). All of the vehicles were unlocked and the keys were inside.¬† The vehicles were located by law enforcement with two found in North Liberty and two in Cedar Rapids.
  • We also had 4 reports of burglaries to unlocked motor vehicles on Patton, Colton, and East Jefferson. We encourage residents to lock and secure their vehicles.
  • Officers came into contact with a couple that was breaking into storage units in the early morning hours. The parties involved were arrested, and the stolen property was identified and returned to the owner.
  • Several calls for fireworks this month, several were warned and educated on the NL city ordinance that they can purchase and possess, but cannot shoot them off. One house sustained damage and that is still under investigation.
  • Animal calls increased again this month. This is for aggressive animals, dog bites, stray dogs and cats.
  • Officers worked GTSB for traffic enforcement over the holiday weekends.

Department Admin:

  • Chief attended the user advisory committee meeting with JECC on how we can incorporate a data collection piece into the normal operations of the mobile dispatching.
  • Records, the Lt, and Chief have been compiling and updating the stats for race-related traffic stop and arrest for the past year. With help from City Hall and Communications staff, the information was made public and presented at a council meeting.
  • Several officers attended each of the public listening post for social justice issues in North Liberty.
  • One officer is currently at the Police Academy. One is on military leave until next year and the third new hire is helping with scanning in records so we can dispose of older records longer than 10 years.
  • We received the temporary occupancy permit for the new police station and have moved our daily operations to the new building. We are still waiting on a few more items to be completed (wood paneling in the lobby, cameras installed, the gate is not operation as of yet, decorative awnings and seed and sod), but the new space allows for the staff to socially distance easier than our previous building and has nice amenities.
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