Police Reports for August 2020

Traffic Contacts: 274
Parking Contacts: 28
Vehicle Inspections: 16
Vehicle Unlocks: 38
Crash Investigations: 22
Public Assists: 319
Assist other Agency: 139
Crimes Against Persons Report: 13
Crimes Against Property Report: 16
Other Reports: 42
Arrests: 42
Warrants: 11
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 17
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 8
Crimes Against Property Charges: 2
Other Charges: 22
Animal Calls: 53
Total Calls for Service: 1886
* Total Calls for Service for the year: 13,889


  • Members attended training for canine, bomb squad, tactical team, and dive team training for the month.
  • The Lt and records supervisor attended a 2-hour online course for evidence-based-reporting of traffic stop data by Dolan Consulting. (4 hours)
  • 2 Officers attended Defensive Tactics Instructor School at ILEA. (80 hours)
  • 2 members attended a Cyber Security training presented by Pro-Circular (2 hours)

Public Relations:

  • Assisted removing tree debris from the streets due to derecho the area experienced. Officers also made sure people whose homes were damaged during the storm were okay.
  • Received accolades on social media for a police officer providing gas to a stranded motorist. The moment was caught and posted online by a resident.
  • The investigator provided senior safety tips to residents and guests at Keystone Place.
  • Several staff members attended the listening post sessions for the month. These sessions were put on by the City.
  • With the staggering school starts and at limited capacity, we assigned the area car to be at the schools for early morning drop off and release. This move is to help with any traffic and pedestrian concerns. No issues for Heritage or North Bend.
  • An officer presented the Target Solutions training program to the crossing guards at the PD’s training room. The officer also answered questions on safety issues and concerns.
  • We volunteered to open up our front lobby as a cooling station and charging area for anyone that needed power while the power was out after Derecho.


  • Working with Racom on getting beta testing done for our new portable radios. A handful of officers are working out the bugs before we issue them to the entire department.  These are in great need. JECC is providing the replacement for any equipment already provided or what we had to purchase in the last eight years. Besides our vehicles, this is the most expensive piece of equipment.
  • We were lucky to escape with only a small amount of damage from the Derecho. The facia on the new PD sustained minor damage, and the bed cover on the Lt’s truck was ripped off and destroyed. While our power was out, the back-up generator worked as planned.


  • We responded to an unlocked vehicle burglary at Lehigh Ave. Another motor vehicle was stolen from Alydar this month and recovered in Linn County.
  • We also investigated and charged individuals with an Arson 1st case from last month where fireworks were intentionally set off towards a residence and caused a fire to a deck and siding of a home.

Department Admin:

  • Chief attended and ILEA council meeting in Johnston, Iowa and toured the new Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Building.
  • Chief continued meetings with NAACP chapter President Kevin Sanders to talk about our partnership. The social and justice issues packet was provided to Mr. Sanders for review. The city legal department also started the Non-Disclosure Agreement and will work out the details to share information moving forward on complaints and use of force complaints of bias.
  • We have a High School Intern that started. She will be completing 60 hours for a job shadowing project for college credit.
  • One military member was gone on leave for two weeks for supervisor/leadership school.
  • City Legal helped get a liability waiver for the PD weight room. All staff have completed the form and several are using the fitness room on their own time.
  • Work continues on the New PD and several items still need to be completed, (sod, seeding, getting the gate working, awnings, a back drain installed at the entrance, security camera monitoring, and paneling in the lobby).
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