Police Reports for September 2020

Traffic Contacts: 436
Parking Contacts: 20
Vehicle Inspections: 20
Vehicle Unlocks: 19
Crash Investigations: 15
Public Assists: 273
Assist other Agency: 128
Crimes Against Persons Report: 7
Crimes Against Property Report: 23
Other Reports: 44
Arrests: 32
Warrants: 4
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 19
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 9
Crimes Against Property Charges: 7
Other Charges: 14
Animal Calls: 46
Total Calls for Service: 1802
* Total Calls for Service for the year: 15,691


  • Bomb squad, dive team, canine, and SERT training was attended by members this month (40 hours)
  • Officer Burma graduated from ILEA and is now starting FTO training. For the next few months, he will be assigned to work with another officer for training.
  • Officer Monroe completed her online ILEA training and is now at in person classes at the police academy (week 6)
  • Our new tactical team member attended a week-long certification course in Cedar Rapids. (40 hours)
  • Chief and Lieutenant are attending an online Internal affairs school (80 hours). In-person sessions were moved to online and we have 60 days to view the courses.
  • Chief viewed the U of I Human Rights webinars Understanding White Privilege; Race-Criminal Justice, Police and Prosecutors; Race- History for police from 9/11 to Kenosha. (3 hours)
  • Firearms training completed for all members of the department, handgun, shotgun, rifle and night qualification and included O/C (Mace) update (176 hours). This was our first in-house training since COVID began.
  • Chief attended online webinars from the ICMA online conference on systemic racism, police and social workers, and police reform. (3 hours)
  • Lieutenant attended an online training on how to respond to traffic collisions involving livestock truck rollovers.
  • Administration attended Redacting Records and Iowa Law online (8 hours)
  • The Chief and a Sergeant attended training in Des Moines presented by the FBI local chapter. The topics covered were history, breach point, and the mental well being of officers. (16 hours)
  • Two patrol officers are going through 40 hours of online First Line Supervisor Training for the next month and a half with 2 to 4 hours completed each week. (80 hours)

Public Relations:

  • We have provided several one on one individual tours of the new facility.
  • Invited to the Ranshaw house for the ghost hunters recording event.
  • Still receiving snacks and thank you items from members of the public. Also, a local church group have offered prayers for North Liberty Officers at their services.
  • One of our honor guard members represented NLPD at the 294 ILEA graduation class in Des Moines. Since all Johnson County Members had recruits graduating, our local honor guard was requested to provide the flag ceremony services.
  • A sergeant held a safety talk at Hope Church.
  • Officers participated at Heritage Christian School for a birthday parade at the request of family.
  • 7 child safety seat checks were completed this month.


  • Purchased 5 pocket 2020 Legal Guides from the public agency training council on police actions and court decisions. These are used for briefing discussions with the sergeants and patrol officers.
  • Continue to purchase equipment namely cleaning supplies, and operational equipment for the new PD.


  • We have had several vehicles burglarized and stolen from Fox Run area. Neighbors were notified via the next-door app to lock and remove valuables including keys from their vehicles. The suspected juveniles have connections to both North Liberty and Cedar Rapids. The stolen vehicles were used in other vehicle burglaries and ended with pursuits in Cedar Rapids, which eventually led to their apprehension.
  • We discovered individuals from NY stealing grease from local businesses. The suspects were identified and charged with theft.
  • Officers continue to work traffic enforcement under the GTSB state grant. Several impaired drivers were arrested and removed from the roadways.
  • We assisted other agencies pursuing vehicles coming into town at high rates of speed. We deployed stop sticks to assist the Iowa State Patrol, Cedar Rapids PD and Linn County Sheriff’s Office, which ended the each pursuit and individuals were apprehended.

Department Admin:

  • Held a virtual open house for the public for the New PD. Thank you to the council members, staff, architect, and builder for being a part of the open house.
  • Updated all job descriptions within the department.
  • Updated procedures for the new PD. The areas updated were the use of the detention area, interview rooms, conference room, training room sally port, weight room, locker room and general building maintenance.
  • Continue to work with legal for the City and the NAACP on a non-disclosure agreement for review of use of force and complaints between our agencies.
  • Legal also is helping with the legal documents for the MOU with Dr Barnum for review of police contacts for drivers, pedestrians, bicycles, and the review and release of the information.
  • Our records supervisor was asked to assist with the candidate interviews for Mt Vernon PD’s office assistant. Since they do not currently have someone in that position and utilize the same record management system, we have offered to have the new hire do some training at our department.
  • Continue to work on the punch list for items that need finished at the new PD. We did get the front lobby paneling completed and the fan installed in the sally port to exhaust vehicle emissions.  The site work still needs to be completed as well as concrete, drainage, awnings, and signs.  We also had a couple of small change orders for details that were overlooked or cut during the Value Engineering that we will need to function.
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