City Council to Meet on Jan. 12, 2020

Included in each City Council information packet is a memo from the City Administrator offering a summary and context of items appearing on the agenda. We will begin publishing these memos here in our news feed to make them more accessible. You can sign up to be notified of news items, agendas and more by email.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public health and safety concerns require City of North Liberty public meetings to be held electronically, so as to limit the spread of the virus. The public is invited to submit questions and comments in advance of the meeting for consideration submitting them to the City Clerk Tracey Mulcahey via email at [email protected].

This meeting may be accessed live by the public on the internet at

Meeting Note

Tuesday’s meeting will be held virtually via Zoom and live streamed at Watch Meetings Live as well as available on the website. The City Council and participants will log into the meeting in order to conduct business while the public will be able to watch the debate and decisions being made.

Consent Agenda

The following items are on the consent agenda and included in the packet:

  • City Council Minutes (12/22/20)
  • Claims
  • Liquor License Renewal – Urban Fuel
  • Pay Application #4, SW Growth Area Water and Sewer Extensions Project, Boomerang Corporation, $697,888.29

Speedy Mike’s Car Wash Site Plan

The site plan proposes a new Speedy Mike’s car wash at 930 Liberty Way. The proposed building is a 5,180 square foot tunnel car wash with office and equipment space. Staff worked closely with the developer to ensure building and site design mitigates potential noise impacts. City staff requested, and the applicant agreed to provide some additional design features such as two masonry colors, wood accent panels, a tower, wall projections on the north elevation, and enhanced landscaping. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the site plan at its January 5, 2021 meeting. Staff also recommends approval the site plan.

Purchasing Policy Update

Staff at the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management are recommending an additional change to the City’s purchasing policy, specific to federal grants. An HSEMD employee noted that the City’s current policy is one of the best she has reviewed; however, one modification is necessary to comply with the future FEMA audit. The proposed addition is included on the bottom of page 25/top of page 26 of the policy regarding minority and women owned business. Staff recommends approval of the revised policy.

HSEMD Siren Grant

Staff submitted a grant application to upgrade the outdoor emergency siren located in the Fox Run Subdivision, adjacent to Scales Bend Road. This upgrade will enhance service coverage to the north and east, encompassing the entire Cedar Springs subdivision. For a point of reference, the current service coverage map is included in the packet. The estimated cost for this improvement is just over $46k, with $39k being requested from FEMA. Staff recommends approval of the resolution which commits the City to funding the remaining $7k for this project.

Ranshaw Way, Phase 5 Project

The City has secured agreements with the owners of several properties which will be impacted by the Ranshaw Way Phase 5 public improvement project. The agreements are conditioned upon Council approval, and involve the acquisition of permanent utility, landscaping, lighting and sidewalk easements on the various properties, as well as temporary construction easements along Ranshaw Way. The agreements, which are summarized below, are recommended for approval by staff.

Property Owner Type of Easement Amount
Steven D. Cooley and Darcy L. Cooley Temporary $1,900
Lilienthal Properties, LLC Temporary $950
Gary W. Metz and Vicki A. Metz Temporary $1,050
Silver Oak Development, Inc. Permanent and temporary $19,500
Fareway Permanent and temporary $8,275
Fairview II Condo Owners Permanent and temporary $13,815


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