Chickens? Permitted (with a Permit).

North Liberty allows Gallus gallus domesticus — better known as chickens — in single-family and zero-lot-line duplexes residential zones, permitted that potential chicken keepers apply for and receive a permit annually.

To apply, residents must comply with city ordinance including:

  • Take a class on raising chickens in an urban setting, such as the Backyard Chicken Certification Course offered by the Indian Creek Nature Center.
  • Have a coop with 4 to 12 square feet per chicken that complies with setbacks and other code
  • Get permission from their landlord and homeowners’ association, if applicable
  • Limit their flock to no more than six hens with clipped wings

Permits are good from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year and must be renewed within 30 days of expiration.

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